Selective memory

I find that maybe and perhaps due to my sz that I don’t remember the good as often as the bad. neither about myself or others or my relationships. I believe this is a way to cry out about how I have suffered from my sz.

is this a type of paranoia? anybody else feel this way?


This is something I do too. I feel I just have bad memories. I wonder is that phenomenon related to schizophrenia? :thinking:

Lately I have questioned so.e of my less concrete memories. Wondering ifIimagined them.

Most of my memories are of negative experiences and I may not have schizophrenia.
Honestly I think it’s a general mi trait.

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I think it’s from focusing too much on what doctor is thinking. He is always of “the problems”.

I often feel all my memories are bad too or of me feeling bad for myself and going around in my own negativity alone most of the time. Most people are much more positive about thier lives. It sucks. I think I’ve always had depression and felt bad about myself and my life.

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