Seemingly my post "wine drinkers" has been "hidden"

Weird my posts now have to be approved by a moderator

The community rules need to be re written because the posts get flagged for not even violiating the rules the rules talk mostly about not insulting or inciting arguments. But its a given that things like anti medication and things not conducive to recover are probably also flagged, but the rules need to be rewritten so they cover these things too.

Thats was the post weird theres a word that triggered a flag didnt know that. It has to deal with psychiatry not a swear word or anything like that. Very interesting.

I don’t know why you would use the word abuse here because you are not being treated that way…I get it you don’t like following rules and etiquette. That’s your choice if you don’t want to. I love this place because I get support here. Every place has rules. Society has rules. I don’t get your emotion behind it. :man_shrugging:

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Every set of rules is open to abuse, that’s what I meant, and I’d argue that’s what happened this time round. Yes, every place has rules, who denies this? and no, you don’t get it, it’s not that I “don’t like following rules and etiquette”. You should understand that every place, every civilised society provides opportunities for dissent and the reddress of abuses. Nor does your extreme conformism explain how social changes take place at all (and all the time). Not nice passing judgment on others based on servility inffused moral intuitions. And that’s the last I’ll be saying on the matter.

I think you are making a blanket statement. The mods are pretty good in expressing why a post is censored. Every post is different and will start going a certain way if taken too far. It just depends on the situation. If you have an issue speak to the mods in a PM. They are kind people. Ive been to forums that don’t have rules and people post what they want. They are harsh, vicious places that are mostly full of hate and anger. If you are really seeking support then allow that to happen, and let other people get their support that they need, too. No one is forcing you to be here. If you want support and you think you aren’t getting it then I am sorry.


I’m not sure you quite understood what this thread was about, but I won’t insist. You seem like a nice person, and of course you’re right there are some harsh, vicious place out there. All the best.

Dude this is a forum not the UN nation. :man_shrugging: If you feel like the rules are being abused by the leaders here they did not write the rules but are reinforcing them. That’s what PMs are for…:roll_eyes:

Go @anon78876561, go girlie lol

And by the way…just because posts get flagged doesn’t mean it will be deleted. The mods review it before deciding how they respond. I do get what you are saying. Maybe you aren’t understanding the purpose behind these decisions and don’t know the rules as much as you think. And don’t treat me like I don’t understand you. Just because I think differently doesn’t mean I am wrong…:roll_eyes:


You are also targeting in your original post another member. So expect that to be noticed.


I did not flag your post. I saw no reason to do so.

I seem like a nice person, huh? Shall I tell you what you “seem” like? :roll_eyes:

Hah hah…I feel like maybe I should be here after I have had my coffee and NOT before…:shushing_face:

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@ninjastar @anon9798425 attack on another member

That’s likely because it was promoting a delusion or delusional thinking. That’s not healthy.

This Website is run by a private individual who can be held legally liable if – for example – someone was triggered by something they read here and then harmed or killed themselves as a result. When the moderators remove stuff they are also protecting the site owner from suffering irreparable legal and financial consequences resulting from content being posted by third parties.

If you think you can do better and run a better site for SZs, start one. See if you draw a crowd. If you don’t, put a sock in it.


Polite disagreement.

Everyone on this website has to agree to the TOS before joining. The TOS says that members own what they write. Furthermore, the TOS contains an indemnification clause which protects the website from legal responsibilities and their actions based on what a member posts.

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Haven’t you attacked me enough? You have shown not to have understood the original complaint and your terms of reference do speak of a deeply conformist mindset. But delusional as this might sound, I shall continue to regard you as a nice person, if not necessarily here and now.

Everyone take a deep breath. @NotSeksoEmpirico the user you think did not flag your post. It was flagged overnight when no mods were awake to address the flag. Due to a recent forum update, posts get automatically hidden after a single flag now. We have tried to change this setting five times. We are stuck with it for the foreseeable future. After reviewing the flag, I determined that it violated this part of our community agreement

If you have any further questions, please direct them to the mod team and not the open forum where it will just lead to an unproductive fight between members.