The black cat was everywhere


I stayed with my aunt and uncle the other week for a few days and they have a black cat. The cat started appearing everywhere in their house I would go, things on the floor would look like him and dark corners he would disappear into. It wasn’t very off putting, definitely less off putting than seeing people everywhere and feeling like your being watched and going to be hurt, but I don’t think I’ll ever get a black cat which I guess is good to have learned about myself. Has anything like this happened to anyone else? Anyone have a black cat and have this happen? The cat himself was cool and I liked him but they’re just not the pet for me, I think the black fur was easier for my mind to trick itself was him because I have a gray and brown cat at home and this has never happened.


Cats are curious critters especially if you are new to their environment. That isn’t anything to be worried about.

Saying that. If your thinking that cat is following it can be symptoms and that is something you need to sort out. Could be paranoia, idea of reference…etc, etc. If your feeling good mentally then it’s just a curious cat!

Always pays to know your symptom set- ie what are your triggers for not doing well and keeping a lid on that!


[two coincidences suggest] There are hidden forces operating free of space/time concepts of causality, which can symbolically mirror and possibly even order subjective human experience. These forces seem in some way connected to consciousness itself

Read this in a book yesterday not sure how legit lol. Just a theory.


What book is that? I definitely think thats true. Sometimes someone I’ve just met will say something that’s directly related to an experience I just had. Sometimes things will happen that feel like they were caused to happen by a personal force to teach me something or show me something I don’t understand. I can’t think of any good examples right now but maybe I’ll make separate post if I do. It’s crazy, it’s why I think I believe in God. I don’t like if people call me delusional because I think that’s just the easy answer and it makes me feel less of a person. I think some people in this world who are ‘healthy’ but only want money or something like this are delusional about what is most important in life, but no one would call them that and try to give them drugs. Thoughts?


I always had many cats in the yard.
One day I saw a cat in my living room.
It lasted for 2 seconds. It was a hallucination