Seeing her all over the place

This has happened to me before… I don’t like it when it does…

A few days ago, I mentioned one of my ex-girlfriends who dated me for 6 months AFTER I told her I was Sz. then when I did have an episode… she was surprised. She didn’t think I was actually Sz. Maybe for 6 months she thought I was joking?

Anyway… now that I’ve mentioned her… I keep thinking I see her everywhere. I am hoping there are just that many girls who look like her. But I really hate this. I had a bit of a flip out in the store last night, thinking my ex was stalking me… and I had to sneak out, and hide in my sister’s car.

I’m in a relationship… I don’t want to see an Ex. My sis was able to confirm… it was NOT her.

I hope it’s just my mind being odd. I’m trying to keep telling myself… I’m not being stalked by my ex after all this time. It’s just a coincidence. Just a trick of this sneaky brained thinking.
I sure hope I can calm down soon.

Hi J - after my divorce with my ex wife - I thought I saw her everywhere, women that kind of looked like her, became her! It was strange but to some extent I think it is a normal reaction when you were once close to someone and then there is absence and separation - hang in there, I am pretty sure it is some kind of passing phase

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Thank you for that. I really flipped in the store…I’m surprised security didn’t follow me I was getting so upset. The ex doesn’t even live in this state any more… there is no way she would just be here.

That’s what I keep trying to tell myself. It’s me fighting my sneaky brained thinking.

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I go through times like this about my ex. Difference was he was abusive and I have PTSD from him and I get paranoid that he’s back even though it was over 5 years ago. I just have to tell myself to calm down, there is no way that that is him after all this time, do a double or triple take at the person or car. Then to calm down I have to do the 5 senses game to bring myself back to the present. What do I see? What do I smell? What can I feel? Hear? etc. That usually helps bring me back. Or if its really bad I call my SO and talk to him.


Wow… I like this. Thank you for this idea. I will be using this.

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mrs. sith just told me i did this aswell…aaaahhhhhhhh…it would be nice to be told that i had not done one of these things that other people write about !!!
i guess it is an exclusive club !!
take care