Have you ever seen yourself walk by

On 2 separate occasions (both at times of stress) I have looked up to see myself walk by. Strange thing is I didn’t freak out much. Kinda thought it was cool.

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I do this all the time. Or sees people who’s just passed by go again in a kind of a white blur

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Sounds like the plot of a kurt Vonnegut novel.

Mirrors haunt me. It seems I have a belly that protrudes about half a foot straight outward. This means when I have a “side view” of my body I have a two feet deep thickness from front to back ! how embarrassing for me right?

I’ve got quite a paunch too. I think it gives me back problems. When I do weed eating my back hurts.

Seeing myself walk by would land me in hospital. Kudos for not getting freaked out by it !!

lol sounds kind of funny like a glitch in matrix or something, everybody looks the same anyway, kind of, mostly lol i think i’d like to meet myself actually maybe we could be bestie’s and we could work things out :slight_smile:

I see someone walk by into the hallway and it happens so fast it doesn’t really scare me but I don’t particularly like it either.

Some man. I should give him a name…

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I don’t know if I’ve seen myself walking out in public or anything, though I’ve had a similar hallucination in which I saw a mirror of myself crawling on the ceiling.

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We have a TON of the CLONE STALKER stuff in my city. I only saw my almost-twin once…my weight has always been unstable so is hard to really match me.

I have some friend who have twins (adopted out or unrelated twins) and these guys are become more and more mentally unstable over the years. Lots of the males here have come passive aggressive and even psychopathic because of various scams harming people. But once I was followed around by the other twin, not the males I knew already, I realized it was really common here. THERE ARE A TON OF EXACT TWINS AND IT IS VERY HARD ON THEM SHOWING STRESS FROM MENTAL PROBLEMS.

I get messed with a bit on this as some of the twins even drive around in similar vehicle as the twins I knew.

(ONe of the local richies, actually buys similar vehicles to some of his hated so he can even let the vandal park in your driveway. Is a hard one when your parent insists on wearing same clothing all the time and hair covered, I’ve even seen her twin coming and going. Trash picking old uniforms is local past-time to facilitate trespassing. Cops refuse to do anything. Other thing is called parking lot when you keep getting stalked by person driving old car you recognized from some argument or trauma - someone keeps these vehicles parked at their property for nutty wealthy abuser to drive around years later. Better not to live by this kind of mess so move if you see someone with too many cars and leaving in different vehicles multiple times a day for short drives…BAD NEWS TO BE CLOSE TO THIS UNLESS YOU ONLY SLEEP THERE.)

Boyfriend even has a complete twin, and I run into him too sometimes.

Stalking is frequent coping strategy for the locals…watched many of the adults have their own bout with the mental problems in last decade and saw their changes… Stalking laws vary by state but generally, unless you say something or gesture, you are not stalking as long as you look like you are going about an intentional and normal act while out. Like picking up a shopping basket in the store to cover up whatever stalker is thinking. Say something rude twice, and you can get a restraining order against you.

After watching changes in the people with twins due to mental pressures to stalk people and just bad local pressures/bad job market, some dumped these friends when they did not agree with the behaviors and crap they pulled out in public. Though more people go over to the dark side to hate monger victims in the community who are usually ex-wives, unwilling mistresses, poor business rivals or rape victims… Works better not to talk to people displaying objectionable behaviors again, as they only do nuttier stuff to you for discussing it or confronting/ultimatums.

Some of this twin bull goes off the deep end if they have any kind of financial pressures, even starts to screw people and know a whole lot of ways to get away with anything. Better to just disappear when you see someone close to you start to screw people and show erratic behavior or mental issues. Had lots of the adults here develop mental problems in last 10 years, so lots of passive aggression and psychopathic stuff…

Big warning for twins, saw that this was source of one man’s ID theft. Was best to use a credit monitoring service and ‘freeze’ all three credit bureau reports for a fee.

That would be really cool… I think… Lol

If it was me, I would have shook my hand.

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