See ya'll in 2 weeks

I need to talk to my therapist about this form… My reactions…my post… My feelings… The next appointment is 2 Friday’s away so I’m going to stay off it till than…and if she says it’s negative for me, than Maybe forever… I don’t know if it’s helping or hurting me and others… So it was great venting to y’all this last week… Sorry for my burdens…

Not a burden at all! We’re all just venting or trying to help others! Maybe move your appt up and talk sooner rather than later just in case it is a positive influence. If it is negative, we hope you’ll at least make a goodbye thread!

This is because you are posting about religion and the moderators are discouraging you? That’s unfortunate. As far as I’m concerned you’re welcome here. I’m not triggered by religious threads. They pretty much bore me and I skip them.

OK so I called the warm line… Just learning to socialize and feel awkward and intrusive because I don’t know how to act… They said since I enjoy it o should continue but try not to post unless I’m sure of myself and it won’t cause feelings of guilt and uncertainty since I deal with these alot… Guess learning to deal with people and there reactions is part of recovery…
So guess I’m back after a few hours of being gone…


Wish I could give you some of my fire, I usually have just a bit too much. It doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like something you post, oh flippin well. I see stuff posted sometimes that I don’t like, and I survive it, and move on, and forget about it. Nobody is such a special little flower that everyone else in the world should watch what they say around them.

But people can be strategic, though. Sometimes I’m not strategic and just go charging in without thinking much. For religion stuff, if Twang was right about what has upset you, I’d just put it under Unusual Beliefs. Even if it’s not unusual. It’s still “beliefs” so it gets its foot in the door there. If anyone talks crap about someone’s beliefs, then the person talking crap is probably just having one of those bad rage at the world days. There are also some threads here that probably should be under unusual beliefs that are not, then when people respond to those threads with their own beliefs, it’s like someone just ripped a giant fart.

Oh well. You are fine, @Itsme

Im glad you are back posting @Itsme - this site is a good place to practice your social skills.

Take your time and pace yourself if need be.

Welcome Back :slight_smile: