I don't know what to do really

We had group yesterday and there were a lot of triggering things being talked about by only 2 people. So we brought it up to the leader and we made a comfort contract. Like trigger warnings for drug talk for recovering addicts and my friend stuck up for me cause I’m quiet but I have religious delusions. And not mainstream beliefs. So religious talk is triggering to me. The leader had to ask a supervisor to come in and bring it up to those 2. But each time it was brought up it devolved into religious talk and was not shut down.

So there was no solving it. And mainly I just want a trigger warning before it’s brought up but they bring it up constantly. Without fail. Somedays I can handle it. Others I’m in my delusion hardcore and going to group to drag myself into reality.

They’ve worked with me on one of my other triggers but that was easy. I just don’t handle knives in the cooking class. That solved it.

I’m just at a loss. I want to go to group to get out of my head and socialize. But is it worth being constantly triggered? When they aren’t there, there are no problems.

I’m all about people having their own beliefs and following what helps them. Just not in my face constantly.

It was a very uncomfortable day and now I’m dealing with the fallout. Anyways, advice? Also, thanks for reading.


I guess only you can answer that. You have to decide if the benefits outweigh the triggering. At the moment it sounds like they don’t to me.

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