See my shrink on tuesday

hopefully starting abilify and propanalol next week. severely hoping it doesn’t make me agitated, hence the beta blocker. i have to eliminate them all i guess, even the dreaded clozapine eventually…if i’m still alive by then, which according to voices i won’t be but ■■■■ them anyway. i am willing to try anything to prove my case.


Wish you a good try on abilify and propanalol. Right dose is essential to your well-being.

thanks hunni. personally i don’t think it will do anything but make me agitated but there you go. i’m willing to give it a try. xxx

Good luck with it Jayne - wishing you well :smiley:

thanks @Wave xxx

really hope it works out for you jayne x

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hi jaynebeal med changes are not easy to go through but better when you get out the other side
let us know how you get on good luck.

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thanks @dandydinmot and @mrhappy. it’s nice to have your support xxx

your welcome jaynebeal in two weeks time ll be going through the same thing Seroquel to Haldol.

you should lose some weight then dandy as haldol didn’t make me hungry in the slightest but it did make me tired and did nothing for voices whatsoever. xxx

I need the tired! some people need sedating how did you sleep on Haldol? if you don’t mind me asking.

very well actually…maybe a little too well lol. problem with it was i didn’t leave my bed day or night except to do the basics like load the dishwasher, washer and drier and take my son to school and back. it was a difficult med to be on to be honest. hope it works for you though xxx

thanks hun and good luck with your med change tooxxx

cheers babe xxx