Haldol not working

after that one day of productivity, i’m back to doing virtually nothing again. i think it’s the haldol. i’m wondering whether to go back on depixol. the voices r quiet but they do that and they went quiet before i started on the haldol. it’s either go back on the depixol shot or try abilify and gabapentin. i can’t handle this apathy and avolition. it’s winding me up something wicked. i even cried today because of it. all i do is lay on this crappy bed and surf the net. something’s got to give here. i want my life back :frowning:


I hope you get these meds straightened out soon.

Until then, there’s always pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch.

lol,not my type but thanx. it made me laugh :slight_smile:

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Hope you are feeling better today OO

Jayne, I am so sorry that you are feeling not well. I think you need to be very patient and watchful about the effect of different meds and decide which one is the best in controlling both positive and negative symptoms. Wish you good luck in finding the right meds.

thanx guys. ur replies mean a lot xxx

I’m surprised the haldol isn’t working. That drug knocked me for a loop. I talked to one guy who said haldol was easy for him to tolerate, and geodon was tough for him to endure. That goes to show that the way the med’s work can vary from person to person. Abilify was the only drug that helped with the negative symptoms for me, but it got me a little too wound up. They had to take me off it.

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things will get better.
know that i care.
take care

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