Med rise a disaster


i took the haldol shot up to 150mgs last month. it did nothing for the voices and turned me into a virtual zombie. i couldn’t even clean my house. now with six days to go b4 my next shot, i have arranged to lower the dose back to 100mgs so once the adjustment hits my blood stream i’ll feel tons better and will b able to clean my house again. my next pdoc ap is in october and we’ll chose a different med. am toying with the idea of abilify and gabapentin or the amilsulpride shot. any ideas on what worked for you guys?


I do hope you get some relief soon @jaynebeal - hang in there! You will find the right dose/meds - take care of yourself


thank u @Wave. i’ve tried a few now but still a few to go. staying positive and have to eliminate most of them right? xxx


i hope you are feeling better soon.
take care


thank u @darksith xxx