Secluded hut in nature or the city life with action

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Probably something in between, like a small town where I can access all the amenities I need but without the fast paced nature of a big city or the total seclusion of a hut in the middle of nowhere.


Igloo, whale fat diet, polar bear best friend. Ahh the life. don’t forget the snow shoes!

Also if they could toss in 2 day shipping, and high speed internet, that would be great.

Fear the chill lord on his icy throne!



Good to see you wallafish.

I’m a country gal.


I miss my house on the mountain. It was surrounded by thousands of acres of forest. The only bad thing was needing satellite internet and tv.


I’ve had both. Small town that is close to a major center with decent services, but also close to a nice rented, isolated hut occasionally.

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I honestly could do either. I like my space but I also like to feel connected to things and people sometimes. Flip a coin but either would suit my lifestyle.

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Neither. I like living in the suburbs outside the city


A lot of the popular cities (Not just true here in England from what I read) are pricing people out of them until they become only affordable to those who earn a lot of money or have to pay extortionate rents

I remember when I used to occasionally catch a train to work when I lost my drivers license, and I felt sorry for all these people on a 1 1/2 hour commute to London each day.

It’s relatively cheaper where I live on the outskirts of a large seaside town, but not too far away is a popular city with lots of culture, but I am unable to access this due to my income.

Equally living in the countryside has become harder, as people buy up places as second homes.

Moving away from the area surrounding London is the only real option if I wanted to live in a city

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If I could have great internet and driverless cars I’d be fine with living far from civilization.

And drone delivery.


I now live in a suburb of a relatively large city. Getting around is a big problem as I don’t drive or own a car and there is no bus service in my area. So, I have to pay big bucks for a cab everywhere.


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