🙀 (=^・ェ・^=))ノ彡☆ the sixteenth(ฅ^・ﻌ・^)ฅ


My accounting teacher would always yell at us whenever a calculator was pulled out so I had to do mental math.


I’m serious though. I used to be able to do calculus in my head.


Oh I know. I wasn’t joking. But yeah sza can zap alot out of us.


Thank you! :slight_smile: I am well today, just really sleepy haha.


She demanded a dinosaur bandaid for her sore.


so both my pdoc and my therapist think I’m in remission. which is what I was feeling, no voices or nothing. I guess it’s back to normal life now.

my therapist is pretty much in consensus with the forum, he thinks I should get used to the idea of taking meds long-term. not sure how I feel about that. if I’m working, probably. but if I’m just going to collect disability, I don’t feel like I need em to function. If I quit i’d lose some weight, lowering my risk factors for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. and i’d probably regain normal sexual functioning. I’m still a young man, taking meds long-term isn’t an easy sell.

also my mom reports, that my great aunt was schizophrenic.


My brother’s puppy ate my phone charger WHILE IT WAS PLUGGED IN. I don’t have a spare. Wow. We’re supposed to possibly have major storms tonight. How am I supposed to check the weather if my phone dies? We don’t have a radio that reliably works.


Oh man. I would be pissed. Does anyone else in the house use the same kind of charger that you can borrow?


The dog ate my homework scheme eh? But this is a new one for me. I hope the pup doesn’t get sick from it.


Well, the good news is, you can get it back.


changed my mind about school. I’m going to study horticulture instead of turf. mostly because I have aspirations to start a micro farm and maybe someday own a garden supply store.

there are some community colleges that offer associates degrees in horticulture, I know there’s one in maine and another in Carolina. i’d like to visit maine but probably ill go to Carolina where the winters are warmer. haven’t decided yet. and I can still work at a park of golf course with a horticulture degree, so it’s a no brainer really


Miraculously, I for some reason packed my old broken charger that only works if I plug it in a certain way. Thank the stars it still works if I plug it in a certain way. I was seeing red because my brother was so whatever about it. Everyone else in this house is an iPhone user anyway.

She tore the USB completely off the rest of the wire. I’m surprised she’s still alive and didn’t get electrocuted.


Life update. Nothing really new, got my distant cousin from Ecuador visiting with her boyfriend. My 2nd son was born on April 1st and still at NICU but doing so much better! I’m about to make an extra 2.5-3.5K extra really soon, and I still don’t got to work :wink: and I’m working on getting my American citizenship too before I move to Germany with my family. So yeah there’s that. My update :slight_smile:


Anyone else have a Pineal Cyst? I wonder if that is causing my symptoms?


I made lemon bars thanks to the ■■■■■■■ that started that food porn thread. I need a sugar fix.

Unfortunately they take like 16 years to cool off. So I probably won’t even get to enjoy them until tomorrow when I won’t care anymore.


Haha! Lemon bars — yummy! :slight_smile:

It’s storming here…I am trying to stay awake.


When life gives you lemons make orange juice.


I got a new book today! :smile: It’s Jesus’ Son by Denis Johnston.

I saw the movie based on it a very long time ago. But the book will probably be better.


Geezers. That food porn thread showed me things I didn’t even know existed. :slight_smile:



I just made butter cookies for the same exact reason,

Already ate two, burned myself in the process!