~@!@!@~Score Your Mental Affliction~@!@!@~

(((MENTAL of SELF)))

On a Score From 1-10. Where Does Your Illness Fall?.

  • (1). One, Comfortable, And Without Any Real Trouble to Grip And Conquer, With Ease.

  • (10). Ten, Insanely Difficult, Without Much Hope For The Future, And Losing The Battle.

Me Personally?.

I’m On a Shifting Equator. From 2 to 9, Within a Span of Five Minutes.

Overall Though, Around The Sphere Within a 7. On a Good Day… . … :sleeping:

So. Dear Reader, What About You And Your Medical Self Examination?.

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I’d say I’m about a 7 as well… maybe a 6 or 5 lol hard to say

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That’s Actually a Good Score!.. . … :sleeping:

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Yeah, I assume I do better than a lot of people and I am also worse off than other people… I assume. So I gotta give an in between score

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I Find Myself Shifting Constantly. When Met With Gregarious Indifference I Have to Focus.

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Like a 3 right now. Getting better by the day.

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Nothing to Be Ashamed of, As Long as You’re Doing Your Best. That’s Good Enough.

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Right now around a 4…it’s manageable…

2-5 depends on tiredness and stress. Those are the two things that impact on my day to day sanity.

I’d say a 2 on most days anymore. Sometimes but rarely, it gets up to an 8 or 9.

Mmmm I’m on like a 2 really. My symptoms have been practically nonexistent lately aside from some nightmares. Starting my career has helped me a lot, just as I thought it would. Keeps me busy and focused.

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