What is difference between schzioaffective and depression with mental break downs including psychosis(psychosis where think see something split second and know being unreasonable)

You mean psychotic depression? It clears away after the depression goes away. You tend to sleep more too. I actually tested higher on psychotic depression than schizoaffective disorder but the professional diagnosed me with schizoaffective disorder instead based on the interview.

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Maybe I should try ECT to see if it would help me. It could make me better. My mom is against it. It sounds scary though.

My pdoc puts it like this:

psychotic depression is a mood disorder that results in psychotic symptoms in the context of depression

schizoaffective disorder is schizophrenia with mood symptoms sprinkled in


With depression the psychosis is only there when one is depressed
With schizoaffective one can have psychosis any time - in depression or normal mood

Ive given up on labels.

Everything contradicts everything.

I cant wait till they have a machine to test us !!

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