Schizophrenic Woman Needing Housing in Texas

I am a 27 year old woman disabled veteran. I have had schizophrenia since Sept of 06. I am unable to live alone anymore, as it is making my illness worse. I am losing my memory. I prefer to not be around men in any kind of housing situation. I would feel more comfortable with other women who are suffering with my illness as well.

Does anyone have any information about community housing, boarding homes, or shared housing. I live in Texas, and the resources here are slim to none for the mentally ill. I feel very limited. I almost feel as if I need to leave the state, because there are few options for me here.

I want to go to NAMI and find other people who have my illness. IT is difficult to relate to others, as I have no feelings, and the illness keeps me talking inside my head 24/7 pretty much, so it is hard to concentrate, etc. I do not have a vehicle to get to NAMI meetings however.

IF anyone has any advice please let me know.

I found a church in town with a home, and they use it for a mental health ministry. the community health center runs homes like this, group homes, just for this. I came across it by going to different churches. I started going there because I may need to stay there someday.


I’d add that habitat humanity sponsored a cleanup day at the mental health ministry home, we cleaned up the yard and planted vegetables a couple weeks ago in this home’s yard. You could call habitat for humanity and see if they are aware of a home like this. Its a regular house but on the church property, may once have been the parsonage.

Ok thank you, do you.know how to get ahold of habitat for humanity?

I just went out to, the global website for habitat for humanity. Then I clicked on volunteer (pretend like you want to volunteer) and then search for the community you live in.

That will take you to the volunteer coordinator for your area, I just went to Texas that way and got a long list.

Like I was saying, our habitat group cleaned the yard and planted flowers 2 weeks ago at the home on church property that houses women like you. It’s run by the community mental health center, which helps place the women into the home too, and the lutheran church.

I was given up for adoption, as the daughter of a Sz woman, to the nice family who raised me, Lutheran Social Services is also a resource too, this home that is a used as a group hom for mentally ill women is owned by the lutheran church, ELCA.

Lutheran Social Service told me my mother was Sz and never came looking for me, I do have siblings somewhere they said too, but never looked for me.

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this is the church I have been attending, and describes the mental health ministry, and the home the church has, and the partnership with the community health center. I have always been a lutheran, but this church is new to me, I started attending here as I think this is awesome, and I planted the garden a few weeks back. I hope you can find something like this in Texas, Iowa is rather cold!

I did some more research, here is the website for Lutheran Social Service of the South like as I was describing, they may have contacts for you too:

The St.Vincent De Paul Society has Ozanam House.

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