Schizophrenic Skits

In my psychology class tomorrow, the teacher has assigned a few volunteers to participate in skits where some play schizophrenics and some play therapists. She told the volunteers to dress the part. How does a schizophrenic dress differently from the rest of the world? I’m anticipating that these skits will be full of misinformation, and degredation for the schizophrenics roles. She talks in class about an us and them mentality. Should I tell her that I am paranoid schizophrenic, and how offensive her skits are?

I would wait to see how these skits turn out and see what kind of information and behaviors she tolerates. But in general, I find this offensive. Just the notion that schizophrenics dress or act differently than average Joe.

I hope you speak your mind and voice your opinion if this turns out to be as offensive as it sounds.




Yes, it does sound offensive. When I was very ill years ago I dressed bizarrely, according to my mother, but I would say it doesn’t mean all schizophrenics dress like that. Most dress just like normal people. I do now. Strange idea the teacher has about dress. Sounds like she is dividing the sz from the normal, like we are misfits or something.


In my humble opinion, this teacher should be dismissed from her position. She is creating stigma by stereotyping those living with schizophrenia, very degrading indeed. I personally dress very casual and hippy like - plain t shirts, jeans - jewelry, I do not wear my clothes this way because I am schizophrenic, I dress this way because I like this style and have always dressed very casual, I hate formal wear. Some people with schizophrenia dress more formal - we are after all individuals with different tastes. I would report this kind of behavior from her to her superiors


You will get not only people with bad intentions being psychiatrists but people also pretending to be patients. Just think these people spend their life off work draining the economy along with the cost of drugs. It’s big business and they are hitting everything from every angle possible. When you deal with someone you can’t ■■■■ around you need to be very heavy handed if you are to act.

If people had any sense they would hand over all their worthless money so you could look for the account which contained large sums of money. That won’t happen so just take the ■■■■■■■ lot. You have good intentions what does it matter people don’t realize what the best is for them, you need to look after them.

hi caroline if i was you i would be offended too i mean acting out in role play is one thing but “dressing the part” i see your point its up to you wether you want to dislose your schizophrenic maybe just to the tutor. maybe this will stop her doing it in the future im sorry you had to go through that tcx

It’s a whole nother art. But it is insulting.

Looks at my clothes. :eyes:

Black capri pants
White V neck t shirt
beaded necklace

What is a Schizophrenic supposed to look like? :eyes: feeling offended :astonished:

What in the world do they mean by “dress the part?” I think they are making a stereotype because some schizophrenics don’t take care of themselves as far as bathing, wearing clean clothes, etc, but that’s only some. And trust me, the therapist does take notice. I’ve seen my reports that will say one time “poorly groomed” and other times 'well groomed" they all say i dressed “casually.”
Most of the counselors dress casually too. Except for one who dressed eccentrically, I suppose it would be called.

I’m assuming the poorly groomed meant I hadn’t shaved in a couple days, or maybe I had been in the garden and had dirty fingernails…LOL

Personally I’d say nothing and wait till it’s over to see how it goes.

What part are you playing?

I am not acting in the skits. I will just be an audience member. So I don’t know what the dialogue will be like.

That must be a relief!

Still, you will have to sit through it. I hope they don’t expect the people playing the Schizophrenic to act like the worst possible delusional state or something like that. Truth is it comes and goes and many patients can sit and carry on a regular intelligent conversation with the counselor.

Let us know how it turns out. Am interested to hear.

i find that offensive, but radmedtech is right see how it goes first, then say something if you need to.
take care

I took part in a training on group therapy facilitation at my work as a psych nurse practitioner. The other people training were nurses and nurse assistants. The trainer was a PhD who is famous for group facilitation. He had us “practice” groups where we had to be the group members and he would say “someone has to be the psychotic patient, someone has to be the anxious patient, someone has to be the borderline patient, someone has to be the drug addict…” you get the point. It was VERY interesting for me to see my coworkers pretend to be in these roles and how they thought these patients acted.

This PhD who ran the training approached me afterwards and he said “I think I know you from when you were a patient on the unit. Do I remember correctly that you are a patient as well as a NP?” I told him “yes” He said “Wow do I feel stupid.” Then, he asked for my feedback. I told him that it was interesting to see my coworkers act in patient roles and they could benefit from education after each round of practice!

It worked out well in the end.

I’m not sure if I would speak up if I Was you. You need to consider your reputation at school and the plusses and negatives of disclosure.


WHOA, HOLY ■■■■. Ok. Lemme stop and think before I just cuss.

Try dressing like I did when I was symptomatic, wear all black and a tight black t shirt and combat boots. Have a cigarette on your ear, play with a lighter and take pulls from a flask.

Wait I still dress like that.

Tell her about your condition. I definitely would if I were you.

I dunno, this is offensive and lumping all schizophrenics together. You should just dress normally and act normally and say that your meds work pretty well and you’re a full time student and life is good. Just be a smartass and then tell the class that you in fact are schizophrenic in real life.

You will get an A because you are in fact schizophrenic and whatever you do is what schizophrenics do :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s how I would handle it. Just be serious and tell them that you actually have it and dont even think, just respond to questions when asked. After all, you automatically get an A because you are diagnosed.

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Honestly, people dress so differently nowadays that almost anything goes. Look at Goth, Emo styles…mostly dark dress, piercings and such, then you have people who dress very eccentrically with bright colors. I sometimes wear native american type style…
then you have people in suits and ties, or just jeans and T shirt casual…

I thought people stopped judging style of dress a long time ago?

It definitely does sound screwed up that they would do role playing like that saying “Dress the part”. However, I used to work in sales and the best way to get good was to roleplay as sales associate and customer. I’d imagine it would be the same idea here.

This kinda reminds me of when I watch shows or movies that have mental illness in it. Always makes me feel uncomfortable because the future of the stigma is in the actor’s/actress’ hands. They always go for the more stereotypical presentation too, it sucks. Only makes things worse.

Personally, I haven’t told my therapist or psychiatrist half of the things I think. I want to appear as normal as possible while talking to them (or anybody) because it’s embarrassing when my symptoms show through. It probably won’t even cross your fellow classmate’s minds how embarrassing it is to tell a doctor what’s going on in their heads if they play the patient.

The guy on “Perception” is SZ (in the show) and while he dresses “normal” , he is almost always a couple days unshaven…

Be interesting to see what Caroline tells us tonight about how it went…

Well… they did the skits. The paranoid schizophrenic was going on and on about how the Russians were spying on him and how he was organizing agents to counter them. The “therapist” was going along with his delusion, and said, “So, you must be pretty important.” I don’t remember much about the second skit. But the students laughed at the “schizophrenics.” I don’t see how this was educational. It seems to have only furthered the division between “normals” and schizophrenics, and increased stigma–that schizophrenics are people to be laughed at, not fundamentally human.

The students didn’t dress any particular way, btw. I think that was just because they weren’t so into their roles. There was no grade or extra credit for this.

I’ve thought about contacting the chair of the department of psychology and telling her about it, and about the fact that I am a schizophrenic and that I found the whole idea of the skits, and dressing the part, offensive.


What a shame… this could have been a chance to show something educational and informative. It seems like the teachers attitude going in perpetuated the half assed attempt by the students.

What a sad thing. I do hope you go to the chair and tell them… hey, this isn’t right. It’s not educational, it’s reinforcing misinformation and stigma. Which is the opposite of education.