Schizophrenic role models

The only role models i have are the ones who don’t take med’s. I look up to these people. Just think it mean’s being off med’s without the side effect’s and having the pride of dealing with your illness (i understand it isn’t a walk in the park i have experienced schizophrenia too). :smile:

Hilarious! I’m off meds and my role models are people like you who are on meds and living some kind of life.

It seems like all the most well functioning role models I know of take medications:

Élan Saks
Fred freeze
Pat deagan

These people hold major jobs, write well and spend time advocating.


You haven’t gone into psychosis yet and conqured it yet :smile:

I am able to work at a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay higher level of sophistication, relevance and effectiveness on my meds than off it. (I fully accept that I am bipolar and PTSD-soaked at the very least, and that without my meds, I’m just a mess, meaning a psychotic mess.) And I am far from alone. I know a number of “big names” in clinical psychology and research who take meds because they have to, and produce some of the most significant, course-changing material in the field.

There are a few role models on this site that I can think of


Who is the third guy? I’ve never heard of him and Google didn’t come up with anything


Pat deegan