Schizophrenic Documentary


Can some of you guys and girls please link a good documentary for me to watch.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Here’s a good one.


That was nice, I enjoyed watching.
Seems the video is from 2011, I wonder where they are with their research.

I typed “schizophrenia documentary” into youtube and this came up. I didn’t watch it though.

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Interesting characters and dialogue in this doc:


Vinogradov is doing FDA trials of the training now. Merzenich’s company (Posit Science) isn’t permitted by law to make any claims wrt the training’s effect on Sz without gaining the FDA’s approval first, hence the trials.

The training is available online to the general public here (sub approx $10 pm)

The team are also branching out to develop an app called PRIME.

Personalized Real-Time Intervention for Motivation Enhancement (PRIME)


I really want to give this brain training a try.
If it is proven it will help me, I am crazy not to.

I am just lazy I guess. 15 minutes in the mornings with coffee will be a good exercise.

I tried registered on the app, it is telling me I have to contact them for eligibility.

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