Schizophrenia videos

What are your favorite schizophrenia videos? I like the John Nash ones. Are there any of the son? He seems interesting too and also has schizophrenia? Post and link.

John Nash’s son does have sz, but unfortunately I don’t have a video link to prove that. I read it in a beautiful mind.

this girl is cool

Here’s me lifting a metric fuckton

HAHAHAHAHAHA I bet I’m the only schizo to ever lift 500 lbs for reps post psychotic break…and on meds…

The penicillin could not get the ill’in to stop

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Here’s a documentary called “Born Schizophrenic” about a girl named Jani that developed sz at a young age. It’s tragic. I havn’t watched this newest video about it, but the parents think that her brother is also developing sz.

Sorry for the horrible audio quality.

I found a lot of demotivational videos about the subject.
From the ones which are mystifying the ilness to the ones which are demonising it.
Thats why I trust only to those ones made by people with schizophrenia