Schizophrenia severely harms my physical as well as mental health

I am not able to exercise and not able to do anything cognitively.


May be negative symptoms talking to u…

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Exercising is good for mental health, how is the weather there in Israel today, here is sunny and over 20 C

You were able to exercise a few days ago.
What happened in the meantime ?!

My physical health is atrocious!!!
I am not able to get rest at all with my shitty sleep, my sleep is very low quality.
Due to schizophrenia.

I see… I’m sorry to hear that.
My sleep is also low quality, but very long (13 hours !!).
I have physical energy but I lack the mental fortitude to exercise.
I’m a couch potato.
This f*****g illness hits us all in different ways.
A perversion of nature.

My quetiapine makes me sleep heavy. At least 8 hours. Sleep is important

Same with me :raising_hand_woman::pensive:
I hope someday we find something that can help us :four_leaf_clover:

I just had my first walk in a few months. With my neighbor who is my landlords niece wanting to buy the place (and most likely kick us out), I’ve had a mind-F of a past few days. I’ve made an emergency appointment with my pdoc for Friday.

I hope you find the motivation to start exercising again @Erez_Shmerling!

yeah hits the physical too. unable to cope at a full time job, the fatigue kicks in and i really cbf.

Bummer, Erez sorry to hear that. I’ve got my back keeping me up. Between the Zyprexa, Blood Pressure meds and generic Zyrtec I should just pass out. But even without the back problems it’s an hour or more.

You should be able to maintain your body on ziprasidone. I was reading a presentation which said it is supposed to be good for cognition and affect on paper. Aside from Qt prolongation there are really no dangers to ziprasidone. I had mild eps and drowsiness on it though. Olanzapine is a recipe for disaster, at least when it comes to being physically healthy. It was created to be similar to clozapine without agranulocytosis. Accordingly both of these meds are strong anticholinergics, and both have high propensity for weight gain and worsening metabolic parameters over time. You will essentially balloon up, possibly have worse cognition and sleep for a very long time.

Some people on here talk about Aripiprazole helping them with motivation. It has also been shown not to worsen cognition, it doesn’t make it better, but it doesn’t worsen. Aripiprazole has a slightly lower possibility of weight gain, maybe a little less than or similar to Risperidone.