Courses of schizophrenia 30 years later

The best summary of possible courses of schizophrenia was done by J. H. Stephens, who analyzed twenty-five studies in which there was follow-up for at least ten years.

Which group do you consider yourself?

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Improved but require extensive support network.

I guess the 25% completely recovered are on medication.

WTH is completely recovered? To me, that means you have no symptoms and you have been off medication for a number of years. I think the term “completely recovered” gets thrown around a lot but what’s the definition? Does anyone really “completely recover”.


I am independent but need support network.

Second from the top.

I still hear voices so I’m not completely recovered. Don’t expect I ever will be.

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This is not clear, what do they mean by recovered? Positive or negative/cognitive symptoms?


I’m assuming the top 25% are completely 100% symptom free but that sounds a little suspect to me, I mean if they have zero symptoms are they still taking meds?

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I am sure they’re taking meds so they might have side effects and lower life quality.

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25% without meds sounds unlikely imo

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Yeah that makes sense. Well I’m just super happy not to be in the bottom 25%.

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Yea I was there once, I was suicidal at the beginning.

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Hard to decide without knowing the study criteria. I have no real symptoms but im not completely independent also if the study was taken 10 years after first hospitalization i would be in the category above dead. Im at 20 years now. We will see in ten years

I agree- what is recovered.

On meds with symptoms but manage a somewhat normal life?

On meds no pos/neg symptoms. Normal life.
No meds no pos/neg symptoms. Normal life.

My caseworker tells me I am gonna struggle from his experience with his other SZ patients. I asked him my outlook.


It’s always been reported that there’s a good population who have first episode psychosis and get better etc. It’s probably more prevalent with the rise of recreational drug usage but it’s been there for a while.

I’m not surprised by any of these figures. I am probably second level in these terms. Have problems on disability but live a realised life. I’m much improved on meds for sure and relatively independant living with my dad! We don’t live in ideal situations for sure…

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Probably much improved 10 years later. I don’t know what it will be 20/30 years later though.

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@Aziz you’re right
Completely recovered using meds and symptom free + able to work and independent from family


Completely recovered.


My mom said 25%.

i’'d say nearest to the much improved level depending on how ‘relatively independent’ would be defined.