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Schizophrenia poverty trap!


Just curious how many of you are poor? I get paid on the 1st and after bills im broke about a week later. Symptoms are still to bad to work although i feel bad and beat myself up about this on a daily basis. I know there are a TON of people in the world who have it worse than me i mean i have a roof over my head and food to eat just no money to do anything else.I settle for lifes small pleasures like vaping or getting a coffee out or an ice cream or something but i think its depressing that unless i somehow get a whole lot better and that seems unlikely i will never not have to worry about money.


I am poor too. Not like u tho, i dunno why if ur in US u should be out of money after a week. I get $750, and i usually have to use $200 of parents money to get all of bills paid. If i didnt have parents i would have to be stingier.


I consider myself extremely blessed.


if I can recomend anything it would be to budget your money so you can save some. There are people of quite large incomes that live paycheck to paycheck which is why I think k it’s more of a budgeting issue than income issue. Having some savings to fall back can make you feel a little better off


I’m suppose to be able to save about 150$ a month after all bills but I’m behind for certain reasons. Even if I do save it…it doesn’t really go to me. There are times like once a year I buy some clothes or I buy neccecities like toothpaste and shaving blades or whatever other things that add up slowly or put me behind a little also. o yea, and since I have medicare I have to pay a higher deductible in the beginning of the year also which is an additional 150 bucks or so at my dr office (not including what ever costs I pay already for medicine and appts)


I accept my poverty…I have been on disability since I was 35 and I am now 55. I tried to work many times but I ended up suicidal after failing at my job. I lost a career in architecture. I put myself through school. I was very bitter about my poverty once I landed on disability. I have Angie to help me with bills so I make it o k. better quality of life after not having to buy cigarettes and weed anymore. big help.


I live with my parents, I’ve never had more than 20€.


All my money after necessities goes to sodas and cigs. Talk about poverty trap! Thats why i want to get my education and a career going soon. I’m almost 30.


If I were single and having to fully support myself,

I’d probably be dropping into a different tax bracket real fast.

Probably wouldn’t be poor,

But I definitely wouldn’t be able to sustain my current lifestyle.


I have no money. My husband and I are both disabled and we have 3 kids - 2 who we have to feed etc. If I went back to work i’d probably only make minimum wage and be in the same boat because then my health insurance would cost more. I’m still considering going back to work though. If the men wouldn’t show up at my work like they did before everything would be fine. Well, except my attention and memory. That’s suffering. They still follow me and tap my phone and computer so I’m never really free to talk. I wish they’d leave me alone.


How much disability money do u receive in a month…


I get around £720 a month from disability and have been living on that for almost 2 years now…however I’m very lucky to have parents who are well off that can help me when ever I’m in need or I’m running short at the end of the month…a lot of people look at me like I’m a spoiled brat but I fend for my self off disability and rarely ask for money off my mum and dad, they just assume because my mum and dad have a little money it means life is easy for me, far from easy. I could go out any night of the week not worrying about money but cant because I have no social circle, I could have been on holidays my self away with mates like almost everyone else does before the age of 25 but haven’t been away because I have essentially no friends (my only best mate is an arsehole and I don’t talk to him anymore), I will be 25 next year in July never having experienced a holiday abroad with mates, a ‘lads’ holiday, which I wouldn’t mind tbh as I am quite social, I like nights out. I have been away many places with my mum and dad and I do appreciate that a lot however I’m at that age now I want to go away my self, have the money to do so, but can’t because of my situation with being lonely and having schizophrenia, I have so much potential but I just cant find a way out.


I’m poor. When I worked, people just wanted me to experience gross situations, so I would be stressed. Now they’re angry I’m not working, but are always making me too sick to work.


I have only been abroad twice in 7 years. I find it almost impossible to get travel insurance and when I find insurance its around £400 for a week in Crete plus its the lowest insurance you can get in terms of coverage. But what is stopping me is if I become ill while abroad. In terms of disposable income I’m well off because I get maximum disability benefits and hardly any outgoings. I have all the cable channels and eat well, apart from that I have no life.


I wouldn’t say I’m overly poor but due to our sociopathic governments welfare policies I’ve seen my money drop from £290 a week in 2015 to just over £200 a week now. So a 31% drop.


From change over from IB to ESA? or lower PIP award?


Went from high care low mobility-DLA to standard care -PIP
Switched to universal credit as moved area and as it was a change of circumstance didn’t qualify for transitional protection.

That lost me over £90 a week in benefits . This government has a pathological hatred of the disabled.


my social worker sent the ESA application back and they received it on 6th of June, still haven’t heard anything but my support worker rang them and they said a doctor is looking at it. They’ve had my application 5 months so I think I’m going to be put in the support group again like twice before but it is worrying. I think they would of sent me for medical now?


The whole system is deliberately designed to cause maximum stress.


I don’t want to sound too optimistic because in all my 14 years of claiming (apart from one small blip) I haven’t had any problems with my claim. Never been to a medical, always paper based. I don’t want to jinx myself. In light of that they must have me down as a severe case or something?