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Schizophrenia poverty trap!




I already know about that. I think its very good, like the old IB times. People with SZ/SZA were protected from medicals. I think we will be again.


Look into getting an ABLE account if you’re in the US and on disability. U can save more than just the $2,000 max that disability allows. For so long I had to stash my money with my parents, now I can put it back into an investment account!


That’s a lot. hopefully you have affordable rent.


Many people, including mental health professionals like to believe that all schizophrenics are poor.
This is a common stereotype.


The rent is covered as I’m in social housing. It’s a big drop but luckily I’m quite a good money manager (the only daily living skill I’m reasonably good at).


I’m broke af rn and idk if I’ll ever be able to work I’m depressed.


Money management is a very important skill. I wish I was better at it.


I’m poor. It’s depressing. Only $490 a month. I want to get my own apartment soon through HUD.


I’m far from perfect with it. I have my splurges but am fairly sensible with it ie I still make sure my bills are paid.

My credit card/gas/electric/phone and internet/rent/water rates are paid by direct debit(not sure what you call that in other countries)


Where I live, the minimum wage on Jan 01 2018 will be $15 per hour. Based on my disability income supplied by the Canadian government, my income is equivalent to receiving just $5 per hour.


I have been on mostly good terms with my family… Caregiving sucks but elderly relatives are usually way more generous than younger folk and they certainly deserve more help than some corporate jerks.


I am poor, because all my life, evil criminals have done illegal things, so they could deny me enough income to live on. They have tried to select my occupation for me, my boyfriends. They are evil slave drivers, who deny people, human rights, because they are so stupid. Its the only way they can survive. They manipulate everyone through lies and crime so their stupid butt, can get enough money to live on.


£720 are fine. in Greece we take 300€ per month. and maybe it will be lost too because of crisis.


I consider myself poor luckily i usually have family or friends to live with or i’d never make it. I get $750 a month and thats not even enough to pay rent at a “cheap” apartment around here. I am on the list for housing but thats another 5 to 7 year wait