Poverty and Schizophrenia: Their Perception

Within my family members, especially my sister and step mother, they started to look down on me after they have reached certain degree of financial freedom.
These family members despise me not because of schizophrenia but for reason that I cannot earn a living and have to depend on father for financial support.
Do you think if someone have got bad treatment today, is it due to poverty or schizophrenia, or both? As a matter of fact, I do understand homelessness and unemployment are problems resulting from schizophrenia itself.


I am sorry that you felt this way. Maybe, they are having some bad days. I mean just let it go and don’t take it seriously. I understand things can be hard specially when you are not working and ill too but it is not going to remain same mate :smile: Someday you’ll be doing great. :smiley:

Lots of happiness for you.


Schizophrenia is a pretty debilatating problem. It’s easy to see how someone could be overwhelmed by it. As long as you’re not depending on your sister or your stepmother to support you, they should mind their own business.


I have never lived in poverty but I do rely on family for a place to live and a vehicle to get around in and what not. I get disability too so this helps with not having to ask at all for money, which I hate doing. I guess I can’t complain though as I was the one helping my sister make ends meet this week…so yeah sometimes I guess family relies on me.


When I was younger and wasn’t stable I used drugs heavily in order to self medicate. So I couldn’t hold a job.

I have a very large family and some people in my family I’m very close to and they are very good to me, and I don’t think they have ever looked down on me.

Other family doesn’t like me… and it doesn’t matter if I’m psychotic or stable, working or not working, they don’t like me. I quit worrying about them. If I was perfectly healthy with a good job, they still wouldn’t like me… so I ignore them now.


Not family, they’ve always tried to be supportive and understanding, but for me it was friends who eventually turned on me for this. One in particular told me she never wanted to see me again but if she did I better have a job by then like everybody else…ouch.

This was the same friend who would yell at me “Your NOT crazy your just different!!!”.

In the middle of a huge unemployment period. There are many many people who don’t have jobs right now… This sort of stuff make me angry.

I hate it when someone’s worth is summed up by others and based on temporary things. :angry:


In my relationship, I wasn’t just the main breadwinner- I was the only breadwinner for a substantial period of time. My partner was unable to work due to his sickness.
I hold a good job and a steady income so he did rely on me…


Hi. I am also having a very bad unemployed period. I grew up in poverty due to my father’s mental illness and instability. I was lucky to be able to work at a good place as an amateur web designer. when I was finishing high school. I have no college experience. I couldn’t handle my desk job even though it was the first good job I had. I had a diagnosis of Bi-Polar. The meds I tried made me sick. I stopped them. I got a loan to go to a trade school for Massage Therapy. I am still paying it back. I worked on and off for about 7 years with a large gap of not working between places I was lucky to be at. I found it almost impossible to get a job when I didn’t have one. I was lucky every time to find one. I was not treated properly for mental illness. I was injured on the job and have had worsening mental health problems since. I am being psychiatric labeled as schizoaffective disorder bi-polar type. I don’t know what to do. I can’t take care of myself. After being robbed and losing everything and having no job I have had to move to a town where I don’t know anybody and live with my Mother. I have no savings. I am so disorganized I can’t sleep and feel very stuck. I want to get disability to help me. I am an artist and I have no understanding of how to market any of my art projects. I do not feel alright with money. I think it is what makes people sick.

That means you are not working now?

That’s right. I am looking for work on my good days, but those are rare. I have been suicidal level depressed for the past two months. Things are getting better recently with getting myself on my own team. But I have lost momentum. Plus my fear and paranoia is getting bad and I am so afraid sometimes to go out there. I worry I can’t be organized enough for the interview or the thing that always happens will happen when I start a job and I just feel like I’m going to puke the whole time and have to leave and get away from the lights and music they play at some places. I don’t want to do massage anymore. I would rather work in a different labor job or something where I am alone. I really want to work for myself I hate abusive bosses and work culture. They talk to me like im an idiot at every place i applied to. I sort of gave up hope. I dont know If I can work right now before I get on meds. I’m waiting to get medicare approved and seeing a free group therapy but they are all Mormons and talk about seeing angels and that evolution is not real. I am in a small town in UT. I do not beleive in a GOD man in the sky even though I have seen visions. I talke to plants and rocks sometimes. I am spiritually connected to life, but I love neuroscience. and logic…

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You might want to try setting up your artwork on-line. I do understand a bit about the money, I know it’s sad that it’s the center of all things.

a few bucks here and there for better meds that have less side effects, better treatment can really help you beat this.

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I worked several years full-time plus part time work + Bachelors degree while self supporting, living alone. I made a modest living (working in something awful sometimes) but I was never broke. I could always cover the emergencies because I did not get into debt and I did not spend it all…

Some of my in-law family seemed happy when things went wrong for me … they worked in psych care and even refused to give me any advice when I cracked up. I only got flack there…Ruined is where I landed. They seem fine with this and they are cleaning up successful…I avoid this side of the mess now as it is just too much of a problem to even sit in the same room as some of them as I just don’t want to hear them bragging & the derogatory comments about me.