Schizophrenia PC Video Game Ideas

Has some may known I’ve been programming small game applications for the past decade. I also do 3D object model w/ animation, textures, images, and sound effects, but anyway. I do everything which sucks because it takes me a long time and the majority of the time i never finish what i created due to lack of motivation from my meds or condtion

Here are some features I will have in the game.

For visual distortions & Hallucinations:

  • the visual screen will have illusions (distortions) like swirls and smeared overall picture.

  • 3D objects to draw attention of focus to a particular object, i will either it will brighten dim it up to bring attention to the overall environment.

  • 3d ghosted features of human characters. the ghosted feature makes an object have a whiteish color that is see through like ghost like which will represent a visual hallucination of a person.

  • (flat paper like 3d object) will be used to flash the dark shadow people which is like a piece of paper in 3d space and have 2d images i will texture that object and give it some animation.


  • Reverb (echo) sound effect for some voices and noises
    random human verbal insults that some are according to game player condition and attributes and/or game situation. (bad thing about it is i never got my audio studio and anyway, i couldnt find enough different people to help me with recording voices for my game)

  • in a crowd sound effect (3-5mp3 files)

  • people laughing sound effect (1-5 mp3 files

  • command voice hallucinations sound effects

  • narrating voice sound effect

  • sound of heart beat sound file to express paranoia with extreme anxiety

  • 3d human eye contact/ and anxiety or terror; telepathy connection

  • Majority of the individual communication will be done through text based system with multiple phrase to choose from due to not finding enough people to record their voice for the game.

Because the games time will go by faster then usual like for an example, one day will be a few minutes til the next day, the game player will be constantly in search of antipsychotic medication to keep their illness symptoms down to a mininum where they can complete their tasks.

I would love feed back, ideas, maybe shoot me some voice mp3 files. One concern I have is im well aware of stigma against such a condition but one of my motives is I can have a wider audience with minor knowledge of what schizophrenia is, and i could be somewhat of a spokesman through my game of how terrible and burdensome the illness is and provide knowledge.

I don’t really have a story line or adventures they will be going on yet so i was looking for feed back

For the haters, so stephen king can write a book tp express himself and i cant use my art as expressin’ that most will be about my own personal experiences but of course to portrayal some sz features, i have to make it more understandable to the average joe

P.S. Ive decide camera wise, it will be a first person point of view instead of a aerial one where the camera hovers over the game player character. its due to overall programming game speed to keep things running smoothly

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I remember a couple of years ago, a programmer at my work, told me that he had heard that they had tried to make a game like this but found it to be too scary. Considering some of the movies and games out there I don’t know if it was true or not. Personally I would be very tempted to buy a game like this.

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