Schizobsessive Disorder

Has anyone heard of this? My old pdoc said this is what I have. It’s schizophrenia and OCD. The DSM doesn’t have it listed but probably will in the future.

OCD is torture. I’m scared I’m going to snap and become a serial killer. I also get thoughts to do bad things. Can anyone relate?:sunny:

I think your dr may have said schizoaffective disorder.

Yeah I have OCD
My primary diagnosis is bipolar but I may have schizoaffective.

I understand you @SunGirl

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No it’s Schizobsessive Disorder. It’s something new. :sunny:

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Thanks Wave! Yeah I’m Schizoaffective too. I’m pretty stable with the Schizo right now. It’s the OCD that is making things hard. Apparently avoidance is a compulsion. For me doing anything outside of looking at Facebook and watching tv is hard. It’s more than just procrastination it’s an avoidance. :sunny:

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Wow @SunGirl . That’s interesting


Wouldn’t be surprised if I have some overlap.

Old prescriber said I had OCD (this was about 3ish years before psychosis).

They have what is called “Pure OCD”-- which is thought-based, and includes minimal to no compulsions. Probs what I have/had.

OCD is hell, for sure. Hopefully your pdoc has you on a solid medication plan and you’re getting good help for it :dizzy:.

I have paranoid schizophrenia diagnosis, but I also suffer from major depression and OCD since my teenage years. I take Invega for schizophrenia and lexapro for thr ocd. Sadly antidepressants can only do so much for the OCD

Looks legit

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I wàs originally diagnosed as SzA too. I seems to me it’s possible to be schizophrenic and also have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

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