Schizophrenia: Its meaning to me. What does schizophrenia mean to you?

What does schizophrenia mean to me:

  1. Having schizophrenia is like having nightmares. I need to work on details instead of seeing the big picture. It took months and years to fully work on the details in order to see the bigger picture.
  2. Having schizophrenia is like living in my own world. My thinking is not connected with the outside world

What does schizophrenia mean to you?


My therapist asked me this. I answered it’s like a monster that lives with me. I need to keep it in check, feed it medicine and keep it locked in the basement.


Good way to describe it. Thanks for the answer.

its like losing concise about life…and paralised to anything…!!!:alien:

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Basically demons living inside of me twisting my mind harming my body destroying my purpose.

Sz to me is like a derailed train. It has taken so much effort to get back on track again but at a very slow speed. The road ahead remains uncertain. Being able to cope each day whilst on meds is like a precious gift.


It’s an illness. It’s manageable. It doesn’t define me.


Good. It’s now your turn to define schizophrenia (cause and remedy). :sunglasses:

Cause: Sh*t happens.

Remedy: Meds, therapy, diet, exercise, and NEVER EVER QUITTING.


I hope it is still under your control.

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Stops me from doing the things I love and causes me torment but things are getting better. Just working on improving my health which has hit a low over the last few years.

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A lifelong Illness that takes away my relationships with other people, messes up my thinking, takes away my sexuality; needing medicine that is harmful, doctors who own you, hospitals that aren’t really hospitals. Dependency on others. At 74, I am now bankrupt in more ways than one…


Schizophrenia to me means an altered existence. Living beside but not with anyone.

Perhaps … ,

First off Before e(Y)e Get Started … ,

e(Y)e Shall Saye thus … ,

Naught a Fan of Scientists … ,

Perhaps Holistic Meds Are Where e(Y)e Should Go NexXxt but e(Y)e am Unsure if it Will be Doing Any Good … ,

e(Y)e Saye Good because Our Bodies Are Naught Trying to Tear Us to Shreds … ,

Within My Opinion of Pharma and those Creating these meds to Hinder Creativity and Shake us to tha Ground if Our Humor Makes no Sense to tha More “popular” Crowd … ,

One Dai Such Will be Noticed and that Humor that Insulted Every Degree Wielding Therapist and Such Will One Dai Realize that , those Same Degrees Made it Seem Ok For Shock Therapy … ,

Back in tha Dizzy … ,

So What Does it Mean to Me (???) … ,

It Means You Can’t Plan Your Dai Without Perhaps Feeling Some Pain , but You Can Fo Sho Plan N e Wayze , Cause in thee End With All We Been Throo … , Even Without tha Pain Misting Our Dai … , With (OR) Without , Thus Nitemare Either (OR) Never Gets to Feel tha Light of Dai , Jus L(Y)Ke tha Doctors Embracing a Way to inject our Flesh With Rotting All tha Same … , At Least We have Ourselves , and tha Company We have isn’t Us Inside of Our Skulls , Creating Trappings to Fool Us Throo-out these Daise … , They Come From Another Place … , and Whether You Do (OR) Don’t , Lissen With What They Have to Saye , Someone Up There is Keeping Score … , To Lead Us Back With Our Feet on tha Ground Screaming out HAY (!!!) HAY (!!!) … , by then it may be too late , and What Will Be Left to Consume , is Nothing but Regret and Self Hate .


Its the monster that lives in my head,
the mindstorm that batters my mental lighthouse to pieces,
the dead numbness,
the demotivation
the robber who stole my life
its also the blessing in disguise, bcuz I know my need for God and I know who are my true friends who stick by me, and who really cares.


I think this should be your pick of the day.

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Thank you for pointing up what I have been denying about having SZ. I like your values when it comes to this disease. I see things the same way you do, although without your lyricism. I have been enjoying life the last year or two. This is a disease of thinking for me. Even within loud auditory hallucinations, the thinking goes on all day without stops. I am a consciousness and a heartbeat. I have money, old age, no one bothering me, love in my heart now, the right medication, a flower garden, Buddhism and a sangha, a place to go outside the house at 3:15am where I can be alone in the silence, a bicycle, wholesome food, excellent physical health, and medical insurance,

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it means the person that i used to be is gone

its something i defeated by feeling very well every day i have peace of mind, i escaped the prison of my false thoughts, now i am a advocate to does who suffer i truly want them to have what i have and will continue here to try

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