What does it mean to you?

So I’m questioning what it means to me to have my “brain thing”

This disease has taken so much, there is loss

This disease has shown me so much, there is gain

I’ve changed because of it, grown, hopefully for the better. But it’s a daily battle just to keep my wits end

“Fairy tales don’t teach children that dragons exist, children already know dragons exist. Fairy tales teach children that dragons can be overcome”

So to my question. What does your disease mean to you?


It’s part of me. I was destined to struggle with it and try to overcome it and become a stronger person. It’s both a blessing and a curse. But I learnt a lot and found God so I am not sorry I have sza.


I think it’s become kinda a “way of life”. Which can be a bad thing too. But it’s also a good thing. Because without the label of schizophrenia we’d just be suffering mindlessly aimlessly not knowing why.

We almost have a sz subculture on this board.

I think the internet has given POTENTIAL power to schizophrenics. We haven’t been able to implement it totally yet but it’s brewing.

We’re spreading sz memes, wisdom, or information. Sharing it with one another.

We as a whole can rise above this.

Yes there are individuals who do great things. But individuals who represent the group…

By collaborating on our mental illness we are more group minded. Rather than 100 years ago every mentally ill person was really fighting very much alone.

I don’t think this disease has helped me to date.

I would be way more accomplished at 29 without the disease. Way more fulfilled.

But in a way, there is a CHANCE, that at 50 years old, I will feel MORE accomplished due to mental illness.
It’s opened a new world for me.
It just took like 15 years with an illness to learn how to adjust to this world.

But in the long run I’m still very capable. Maybe more capable now. Due to more stimuli in my life.

Did I answer your questions or just go on some tangent. Idk. But I hope some good was said.


Answered very well

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It means suffering to me I feel overwhelmed by my daily activities, keeping up a daily routine.
I feel like it’s hard to argue with people cos arguments stress me out and i tend to get psychotic then. It’s shown me to love difficult people a different way.
Somehow it has made life feel special in a way it would not have had I not had the disease.
It means loneliness too where people don’t understand and where I feel ’ behind’ to peers but really I’m just taking life from a different angle. Just society brainwashed what successful life means sigh. But at least I know in myself I’m successful cos I fight this disease as much as I can

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Seems keeping a sense of optimism is vital to survival for us

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Idk if I will survive but I agree with you optimism is important to me too.

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Well maybe not survive, but the the feeling of fighting it, like you said, can be called success

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Yas!! Lol


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It’s an illness, it can be treated and managed, and one can have life in spite of it. It doesn’t need to define me as a person. My accomplishments are what define me.


Yes, I keep waiting for Prince Charming and my happily ever after!

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some times hell
some times heaven
to be fisical alone but never in my mind
and endless war and struggle

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Fighting sza or sz in 2019, is very different from fighting it in the 80’s, 90’s or the millennium years. I know, I lived it. Fighting it then was very much a solo, lonely and frightening act.

Today, we have the internet and forums galore where we get a lot of meaningful support. World of difference.


It opened a different world to me. It’s to me to make it good or bad. They are entities I didn’t know existed.

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