Does schizophrenic mean I don't know myself?

Do doctors ever explain exactly what it is we have besides a word? I’d like to know.


I find it difficult to explain to others.

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I just say it means that without medication, I can’t tell whats real and what’s not.


Exactly @John_Raven


Personally, I think self identity problems can lead to sz. I think it played a big factor with me and my mi problems.


dun really get it, do u mean see/hear sth that is not existing?

I mean delusions, where I can’t tell if it’s reality or not.

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I know you parents are going to fight me on this one, but, to me, it means that I’m not good with kids. :eyeglasses:

It is not that you don’t know yourself, it is that what you know is warped such that you don’t know perhaps what is going on around you.

What you perceive alters how you act and if you don’t know what is going on then you don’t seem your true original self, as one acts strangely to others and to how you would be without sz.

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I know myself same amount as before I just dunno wat to do with myself and grow.
I just grow in the wrong direction

And guidance councilors want us to go a way that is painful to us.

Do u mean those psychotherapy type of things where they want to unbury all our painful feelings? Type of thing

Yes, that was exactly why. I wanted to forget the bad.

Schizophrenia means whatever you need it to mean to get by. For me the definition is finally realizing one is truly alone.

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My pdoc made sure i understood what schizophrenic meant. He read parts of the dsm 4 to me, to which i replied “why u no have dsm 5?”

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