I think Brahmi+Niacin cured my negative symptoms -- update I do need anti psychotics

Since the past week I’m not having any paranoid delusions or negative symtoms. I think
Brahmi + Niacin did end my negative symptoms. I don’t know the real cause but my problems have ended.

I have two problems.

Problem one: My RAM or prefrontal cortex is defective and my harddisk or longterm memory is also defective.

There is no cure for problem one. It is a physical or hardware problem.

Problem two: Negative symptoms or paranoid delusions.

Problem two is solved now. Since one week I didn’t had any paranoid delusions.

What cured my paranoid delusions?

Anti psychotics lessen the negative symptoms.

Niacin what did it do? I have no idea.

Brahmi. Did brahmi cure this problem? I took high dosage of brahmi for one month and not taking it now.

Lithium carbonate. I started taking this wonder metal after the negative symptoms disappeared.

I think Brahmi+Niacin cured my negative symptoms. I truly/sincerely didn’t have any paranoid delusions or nagative symptoms for the past week and my good mental health continues.

Thanks to Brahmi+Niacin.

How has it helped with the negative symptoms? Please give details.

I don’t know the mechanism behind it. Negative symptoms are simply gone. Zero negative symptoms. I will decrease anti psychotics and let you know.
Morning I take 4 mg Resperidone.
Night I take 10 mg Olanzapine.
I will stop moring dose and let you know.

No, I meant what improvements have you noticed and give details.

I used to get paranoid delusions, small scifi paranoid movies inside the head and they completely stopped.

You’re not selling me on it mate. I want details lots of details and those are positive symptom not negative. Manly I’m interested in your improvements of negative symptoms. What changes have happened?

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Positive symptoms are hallucinations.
Negative symptoms are paranoid delusions.
Now, I’m completely free from any negative symptoms.
No more paranoid delusions.

update: niacin cured my mind disorder… I no longer have paranoid schizophrenia, I guess I must take 5 grams of niacin everyday for the rest of my life.

I no longer need to take anti psychotics…

Sorry for the wrong info. I do need anti psychotics. I take Olanzapine 10 mg every night.

Actually - paranoid delusions are also “positive” symptoms - because they are in addition to a person’s regular experience - they are added, or positive, to what other people experience.

Negative symptoms are functional deficits - e.g. depression, lack of motivation, lack of energy, etc.

Here are more details:

Now I’m using Olanzapine 10 mg every night.

Nicain 1.5 grams thrice daily with

…400 mg Magnesium twice daily and 5000 IU D3 vitamin and 200 mcg Selenium thrice daily and now I feel better. I think Niacin works better when you take Magnesium with it. I’m not getting any itches after including Magnesium and now, I’ve a better mental clarity…

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@anon93437440 bro we are taking about negative symptoms not positive …and paranoid sz is positive symptoms.if u have knowledge treating negative symptoms than notify …thanks well wisher…

Did you stop taking the brahmi? Does it still help with the negative symptoms? @anon93437440

i take ayurvedic med from india its call supragya it has help me some how its for depression and anxiety..

I’m no longer taking niacin. I’m taking

Selegiline 20 mg for Depression

B6 works taking 100 mg daily

Olanzapine 20 mg for Paranoid type Schizophrenia

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