Schizophrenia begins in brain in first trimester of Pregnancy - New Research

“A new study has found that schizophrenia could originate as early as the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, which means we might be able to eventually treat it in utero before birth.”

“While the condition can be managed with drugs, there’s no cure: but researchers continue to learn more about the genetic roots of the disorder and exactly how it messes with the wiring inside the brain. Now we have more information about just when it starts, too.
“We now can state that schizophrenia is a disorder of faulty brain construction that occurs early in development, corresponding to the first trimester, and involving specific malformation of neuronal circuits in the cortex,” says Stachowiak.”


may be we could cure it oneday
thank you

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Huh interesting it doesn’t really surprise me though.

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Interesting. I wonder if a cure for sz is even possible. Prevention seems to be the name of the game.

The reason I am saying this is short of rebuilding a new brain it looks like we are stuck with genes and neurons that are not working properly. Everything needs to be changed. Everything needs to be rebuilt.

Cure: CRISPR + stem cells

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:


Yeah, interesting point. Prevention seems to be the game. Just think we could be last generation of people with sz. The future looks great, but not for people already with it.

They’ll manage it better though with crispr and stem cells, and not have these diabetes inducing 50 year old medications. :frowning:


There is one problem with this idea that sz could be prevented though. Sz is a genetic disease. From research (twins study) in Scandinavia it is said that sz is 80% genetic.

Well then the only way to prevent it is to change the genetic material.

Have you seen the movie “Gattica”? It explores a future where only gentically viable mate and do certain jobs. The movie makes an exception to this gentically primed future with an exception to the rule, trying to make the point that this is not a desirable outcome; however, would you want your possible kids to have sz if it could be prevented?

Possible kids… (sigh) I’d love to have a family. But I feel this can only happen if/when I get healthy. I try to not think about the future.

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my mother’s life was traumatic while she was carrying me. she believed that it had affected my brain.

after losing her home my uncle had to take her to the hospital a lot for blood test. they kept telling her they felt i’d be a blue baby (unmixable blood types).

i think her body was trying to miscarry due to the enormous stress she was enduring.


You poor angel.

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Problem w preventative treatment is that once it is developed, nearly all interest and research in the area of finding better treatment or even a cure for those already afflicted dries up. The people who were unlucky enough to have gotten sz before the preventative treatment was developed would be forgotten while the media would go around flaunting that a “cure” had been found.

This is what famously happened with polio. There are still people in the US who suffer w it and are still forced to use their antiquated iron lungs to live because research into treatment was basically abandoned.

I’m all for prevention, but at the same time hope that before a prevention is found for an illness a cure is found.


Wow! Great post.

My mom ate a lot of the same fast food everyday. Other than the minor stress of living with my dad, everything was great. I guess, it was the stuff I took in college.

Gattaca is a great movie. I would do everything I could to stop my children from having schizophrenia.

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Not surprising. It is a serious real illness.

My birth was a complicated one as well.

My mom had miscarried 5 times between the time she had my sister and she had me. She had a blood clot during pregnancy. And I got the umbilical chord wrapped around my head, had to be pulled out by forceps. If I had a smooth birth who knows where I’d be today? Considering the butterfly effect, probably way different. Who knows maybe i’d be in a WORSE predicament had this not all happened and it all happens for a reason haha.