A cure for schizophrenia

Sooner or later, a cure for schizophrenia will be developed.
It will vastly improve the quality of life of tens of millions of people worldwide.
I try to make this forum cure-centered, so that people will understand how crucial it is to develop a cure.
@far_cry0 is a friend in the struggle for a cure.


I will root for u in this one …can i call u israeli don…

Dude welcome to the present, this is not bill and Teds excellent adventure. Brah

since you are a mathematician i would suggest you study data mining it may help with finding a cure and also do something in maths

Thank you @jamesrbc but I can’t study anything now.
I will try and probably fail.

did yoiu try ayurveda .I think it can cure border line cases .It also helps with cognition

thank you @jamesrbc, you seem like a very positive bloke.

Did you go to the doctor yet and get some medicine?

I’m with you on a cure, but it’s going to take time and we have to work with what we have now.

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Probably finding a way to prevent it is more of a realistic goal. Or finding a way to catch it early and prevent it from getting worse.

I still hope cure will come in our lifetime sup erez…!!!