Some schizophrenia patients can cope without medication

Some schizophrenia patients can cope without medication

what do you think

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Not recommended. At least a low dose keeps the sanity train on track.

Easy to go psychotic as an unmedicated schizophrenic in remission.

Having some insight right now, I think I need medications for the time being. Vraylar has been a wonder drug for me. I wish they made better medication that didn’t cause lack of motivation and weight gain. But with the lack of motivation, it could easily be the illness too.

There’s always going to be outliers. I am not one of them. I’ve been off medication many times before and my symptoms always return and the medication becomes less effective.

Sometimes I question the severity of schizophrenia handled in this fashion.

It gets so bad, SO bad… without the medication… for me personally. The treatment exists to make life easier for the patients, and that’s what it does in many cases.


Maybe for somebody not for me I have problems after a month of being off my injection. A little off topic. Some mom under family members website is slipping a natural treatment for schiz in her tea not an ap. She claims it’s working. I’ve never heard of this.

What’s the treatment called? I’m betting it’s Kava Kava.

I don’t remember look under nonpharmacuticals that are working as the topic.

I don’t like the title of this thread…makes schizophrenics here think maybe they should go off their meds and there is too many threads already about not taking your AP’s. Schizophrenics need their meds…and as already said here…each time you go off your meds the more it takes to keep you stable.

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I’m not on medication but I was for many years. It’s definitely possible to be in remission and go off meds. It’s not something I would recommend trying without already being in some degree of remission unless there are other circumstances involved.

It’s still an everyday chore to maintain my brain. I’ve learned how to identify when symptoms are bad but I’ve never gone into a full psychotic state. I actively monitor how I’m feeling and I take other meds that help. I know that for me I wouldn’t be able to do most of what I do day to day if I were on meds. Meds had affected a lot of ways my brain was able to think creatively or be artistic and being able to now use that part of my mind is very therapeutic. I will always have some symptoms but what I deal with now are symptoms meds wouldn’t treat anyway.

I don’t know why I went into remission. It was strange and it was brutal to adjust to the world in a new way after so long. Most of the challenges are adjusting and the first few years of that I was still medicated. Remission is just a different part of the journey, it’s not necessarily easy. It’s possible to be off meds but it’s not black or white. Meds can fail and can fail to treat all symptoms so if that’s the case, as it is for me, it makes sense to stop them. I also spent 20 years actively learning my brain and how I interact with myself and my environment so I call on those skills around the clock. It’s not uncommon to have rebound psychosis when withdrawing and it will scare people into thinking they are relapsing when in many cases it’s a side effect of withdrawal that does pass. It’s all just complicated.

Some houseplants can cope without water.

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Oh, it’s homeopathy. There’s no scientific basis to homeopathy working beyond the placebo effect.

Yeah well you know I’m sure there was no scientific data to back it up.

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