Schizophrenia/ Bipolar

I totally don’t have any friends now that I’m crazy and people don’t understand me. I think Schizophrenics use more than 10 percent of their brains. I’m dealing with a lot of hallunication, Oedipus complex, sex-less life I have, and loniness. I cry sometimes knowing I can’t be like others and sometimes I laughed knowing I’m not like others. I used to be Schizoaffective Disorder and it was bumped up to Schizophrenia, which is hard to spell without spell check. I just want looking for me people that’s similar to me. It was hard to believe I had a problem at first, but now that I know I do, it’s hard to cope with sometimes.


Please write, I just want to know I’m not the only one out here in the 1 to 3 percent population of schizophrenics.

I just want to know I fit in somewhere.

I have bipolar and sz symptoms too. Key is getting on the right meds

I have a therapist that I see twice a week about problems I can’t talk about. My meds are okay, but it could be better. I’m about to see to Psychatric doctors this month and next month. I had a bipolar episode today with my mom. I’m trying to get on tv that depicts for with Schizophrenia. I just hope they like me. It’s difference knowing SZ is something I’m dealing with and I can’t get a job for ■■■■. I end up of not being able to cope with hallucinations, delusions, and hearing voices all the time.

that depicts people with schizophrenia*…I’m bummed out that Kanye West didn’t write his album. I thought he writes all his material. Now I have to write songs and try to get a job or a tv show or go to the army. That 15,000 they make would be enough. It I have enough time for anything lately. It disappoint me authenticity for Kanye.

I can relate to this. I am in a similar situation. I cannot stand my therapist appointments. I have one today and I have no idea what we will talk about.

Just talk about life and struggles. I confided in therapist and they do disclose HIPPA information. I be mad when they tell all my business to people. Cause I used to work in the medical field.

Nope not the only one…and I can relate to most of what you said. Also don’t have any friends anymore.

How come? I stopped talking to all my friends because of my disease.

They stopped talking to me when they found out I got clean, and was diagnosed with schizophrenia…then I just withdrew from everyone and everything. Went through college never made a friend lol but it’s not that bad for me because I get entertained pretty easily so I’m rarely bored…

How long have you been dealing with these issues? And when were you diagnosed?

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I have schizoaffective, I understand how horrible and isolating this disease can be. I’m lucky in that my few close friends have stuck by me, but I have also had people react in fear and distance themselves from me, I know how hurtful that is. The people on this forum are lovely though, this place is good and safe and you won’t be judged.

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I had to get clean from drugs, too. It just happened recently before I got accepted to college which I had to withdraw because the voices scared me to point I had to leave. I had physical sins that I would feel burning through my body. I don’t make friends easily because of my diagnose. The first thing I would say I changed and they would say how I lost my mind and went crazy during hospitalizations, which was countless. (over 20). Then they would never reply back to me. It’s a lonely world. I got diagnose back in 2014. My meds wasn’t never right so I would end up in the hospital for month long visit sometimes over a month.

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Almost a year. With schizoaffective disorder. It hard but music and video games help tremendously. Because actual friends don’t exist. In reality anyways.

@Turquoise I hope I fit in to the community well. Because it sucks not having friends to go somewhere with. But, I will meet up with the people I have met with in Sertoma an activity adult center for people with disabilities. I would run into them at hospital stay. How do one make friends knowing that your SZ and scared of the judging a friend might make upon you?

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Damn I’m sorry that happened…and yeah I can’t relate to a single person, it’s like no matter who I talk to or meet they are very different from me. I’ve never really met anyone outside of the hospital actually dealing with the things that have gone on with me. Although I can google these things and find other people dealing with this ■■■■ too on the internet, and the people on this site but I still don’t feel like I can relate or become friends with anyone I still feel like an outsider.
I’m not good at giving advice on how to make friends but I hope things get better and you make friends again

You’ll fit it here, it’s a friendly place. I understand the isolation of not having friends, I do have 2 close friends but they live hundreds of miles away, its just me and my partner (he has mh problems too). I think you’ll find it easy to make friends with people who have mh problems, we tend to be more openminded and accepting than what we call ‘normies’ here. As for making friends outside of that circle, I find it hard to make friends too, but there are good, kind, accepting people out there, people who are nonjudgemental and will accept you for who you are despite your illness. If it is meant to be it will happen naturally, I really do hope you manage to find a social circle you can be open and comfortable in.

I think about people who are in wheelchairs or lost an arm in an accident. Their minds learn and adapt. It’s going to be hard but you have to keep yourself sane and grounded. Life is beautiful and its a worthy struggle. In my moments of hopelessness I tend to focus on the small things like the sky or the clouds. I spent many years competing with norms and trying to succeed and overall; I wish I had spent more time focusing on myself than others notions or expectations of me. Advise is good though. I’m trying to go back to school and take classes again.

I don’t believe schizophrenia is what it is called. I fooled them though; I was un-diagnosed and my made up history and stuff was wiped from the system. The escape is finding your power. I spent years being passive to the conditioned structure behind it. I just couldn’t conform to a lie. Being told you are sick is just to keep you from slipping into a cycle. But I don’t cycle or hallucinate anymore. I just don’t want to go too deep; so I can block out extra sensory perceptions and I also stopped focusing on absolutes/black and white patterns.

I didn’t think I could recover until a therapist introduced me to emotional brain training. and other methods of alt. therapies which are still sort of new. I took two sessions of biofeedback too and then it was gone in a matter of months. But just to test it I withdrew from medication for about over one year. I just started the medication this week to see the difference: I am definitely more focused and empathetic on the medication. I am no longer having chronic schizophrenia though. So my advise is that if you are having issues with communication and are very smart, and they think you might be having schizophrenia to see someone who specialized in EBT, and therapies which help you control your mind and feel calm.

It really helped me and it will keep you coping from stress. Because you have to cope and combat the stress. The first thing is to remove stress and situations next you can be strong again and healthy so you can come out happy and bright and successful on your own terms. I was diagnosed at fifteen so I know how that is to be young and not know who you are, or what your future will hold and then have to figure it out through mental illness.

I’m not really perfect or quite understand schizophrenia. But I do know that I stopped having hallucinations and gradually my language and intelligence improved and returned to normal…I’m told now that I never had schizophrenia. So that might be full recovery. There is hope.

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A good, wry sense of humor can help a lot in dealing with schizophrenia. You’ve found people who can relate to you on this site. That can help.


I have hopes and dreams too. It feel surreal, but how to dreams become dreams really if it’s not real. How do one taste air? I tend to ask myself weird questions like are we the only humans out there or is there more. I like how you got treatment, most people a couple years back couldn’t my Mom was telling me. Sometimes I think my life is a lie and I be cheating the devil just to know we’re living to die and die to living. I ask myself in the morning is this really how I look and what impacts will I face each and everyday. I grew up poor and poverty and still struggle knowing I have to struggle. The struggle is real to know if you rich you struggle and if you poor you struggle more. I have to live everyday knowing I’m different than more and I have religious causes that helps me cope with everything. But the real test is yourself and we’re tested everyday.