Does schizophrenia begin in the womb? Stem cell study says yes

A new study completed by researchers at the Salk Institute of Biological Sciences show fundamental differences in early neurons from patients with schizophrenia, supporting the theory that risk for the disease may begin in the womb during pregnancy.

Using new stem cell technology, scientists at the Salk Institute have shown that neurons generated from the skin cells of people with schizophrenia behave strangely in early developmental stages, providing a hint as to ways to detect and potentially treat the risk for the disease early.


So it’s all my Mom’s fault again? If she didn’t cat sit for a weekend while she was pregnant and change a littler box once, I’d be perfectly normal?

Why does this scare me a bit? They detect some abnormalities in the womb… and then what? Fix it in the womb? Abort? Tamper with the cells and make everyone the same? Or live and let live?

the main goal of such a research is that "supporting the THEORY that risk
for the DISEASE may being in the womb during pregnancy "
=supporting the theoretical perceptions about the root origin
of sz is different about FINDING the main cause of sz

every day,we see new research talking about possible causes
of the schizophrenia,and it is not reasonable to believe any one
from these researches ,because all are fail to find the cause of sz
(the cause of causes}

simply,look at this study after 5 years,you will not find any
trace of it in the scientific community ,because the sz in its nature
is not genetic disease or even a genetic condition,this is ture whatever the
anatomical changes in the brain areas during pregnancy or after birth
or the early childhood stage or after the adulthood stage,that is
because the sz is metaphysical condition “rapist” in nature

I do not believe this theory. For example, my cousin’s mother was sz, but my cousin has no sz. I do believe that genes play a major role as well as many environmental factors. For example in my family there are many szs, maybe 10-20 % of all family members have sz, but 80-90 % does not have. Since my childhood I tried to live without stress, because I knew there was a high probability of me getting sz and then in 1998 I started hearing voices.