Schizophrenia and work (article)


My anxiety and lack of motivation prevent me from working. Decline in cognition prevents me from finishing my BA. I think I prefer a stress free life of doing nothing. I’ll probably stay on Ssi and probably wait for subsidized housing. I don’t want to push myself and suffer anymore.


It’s the inability to remember little things that trip me up at work these days. I use Evernote a LOT. And Google Calendar. At the new job employees are expected to write everything down and not try to remember. We just refer to notes. Keeps you from pumping the wrong fuel into the wrong tank, which can get expensive. I’m grateful for that because I thought my ‘swiss cheese’ short-term memory would do me in there.


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This makes a lot of sense…

It wasn’t until I was able to get out of the negative swing that I was able to start improving at my job…

I had a small part time job when the negative swing was starting to let go.

Even then, it was so hard to even get up and move… wake up to go… get dressed… and my memory was so faded… I also had no concentration and needed a lot of time to finish a task.

So glad things worked to help get me out of the negative swing.

Meh, both are big issues for me. Specifically the paranoia in positive symptoms. The lack of motivation and cognition in negative symptoms. And then there’s the historical issues…not much job history as a result of my disability disallows me to get hired much.

My symptoms involve pain in the left-brain region. I can’t work effectively, and it would be unfair, to force me to work. Besides, we don’t need a labor participation rate of 100% these days. People keep thinking this is still the 1950’s or 60’s. It’s not. Technology has changed things.

Besides that, there is already an oversaturation of major & minor businesses. Some of them need to fail & be weeded out. The demand for more businesses & more employment is all artifical & unnecessary in the modern world.

Have you ever thought you might have migraines? I get headaches and have been diagnosed with migraines.

It feels more like a splinter, or a sharp-edged sensation. I’ve had headaches before and this is completely different. It feels malignant sometimes, but at any rate it is a 24/7 deal.

I have been out of work for 4 years now, and finding it difficult to find a job. I hear voices, but I think I would be okay in a job which I can do. People dont’ seem to want to know with such a career gap. I had worked for about 12 years previous to that.

What I lack in cognition post psychosis I make up for in personality which is why working in mental health is successful for me.

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