Schizophrenia and sleeping

I’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia about 5 years ago and I have recovered fairly well however I sleep way too much! about 12-14 hours a night is that normal? I am taking invega injections monthly and Effexor daily plz give me feedback

Hey Sammyz, welcome. :slight_smile: What’s the dosage of the invega? When I was on a high dose I slept a lot, now I’m on 75mg and sleep 8/9 hours

I’m on abilify 10mg and tend to sleep 12 hours.

the dr says I am taking the equivalent of 6mg in pills daily so it should be the 150mg injection once a month, and I get tired waay too quickly even with long hours of sleep :frowning:

That’s a very high dose… I was on that dose for a short period, slept a lot during that time. Given I was also taking Zyprexa so I was a hungry zombie :slight_smile:

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I told my dr I want to lower the invega dose but he says its too risky I might relapse… dnt know what to do now…

Do you have symptoms?

nope I’ve been working part-time for the past 2 years and maintaining a healthy social life but when I had my 1 and only psychotic episode 5 years ago I was totally out of it, I was hospitalized for 2 weeks…

I thought 150mg was a post psychosis dosage, not a maintenance dosage. You should discuss this with your pdoc.

thanx @Minnii I will discuss it with him…

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i am on 100 mg of invega and still need pills for sleep. Can’t sleep. waking up in morning 5.30 but snoozing later. i go to sleep 9 o clock. and in the morning when i need to get up and go to college i feel terrible.:smiley:

i take zalpidem and truxal for sleep

I take melatonin for sleep aid and it’s perfect! It’s natural I totally recommend it…

I have a very hard time waking up in the morning. I usually go to bed around 8:30 and have trouble waking up for work at 6:30-7. My pills don’t make me sleepy but once i’ve fallen asleep it’s like i’m in a coma.

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Ain’t no rest for the wicked…I sleep 5-9 hours newest set of meds bumped it up from 1-3 hours though so I’m happy…

I have a four day cycle. I sleep 4-5 hours for three nights, and the fourth night I’m out for like 12. I have been trying to improve this, but no sleep aid helps me.

I too sleep 12-14 hours, thought is was the illness. Might have to lower my does from 819mg. Thanks for posting Sammyz.

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I have a similar issue as @Ninjastar. A few day cycle. Sometimes little or no sleep for a few days, maye a few hours max, prob 3-5 days. Then i sleep pretty much all day and night for 2. Then repeat. I have been having this issue since before the meds and most of my life. Figured my carcadian clock is just way out of wack. Its almost like 3 actual days equal 1 in my internal bio-clock. I slept 2 hrs sun and mon night and havent slept since. Had a few other issues this week contributing to it tho. My body is completely exhausted but i cant sleep for the life of me. Its frustrating to say the least. Running on 4 hours sleep in 4+ days and cant even choke out a yawn.

I read somewhere that Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys who has sza. Didn’t get out of bed for 4 years.