Schizophrenia and relationships

Do you know anything useful ?

Like it’s difficult to bond for schizophrenic

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It’s harder than normal people, but it’s possible to find a person with an open mind


Can you explain more ?:slight_smile:

Schizophrenia and relationships what can you say ?

if you are in a relationship it is even more important to find someone kind

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Ask like any relationship. friends or romantic, its important to have an understanding of both sides, respect, and not to turn everything around
Schizo And you also need to maintain air space


Do you mean materials about relationships?

no i dont want any materials… there is noithing written about schizophrenia and relationships on web

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From a perspective of a person who has schizophrenia:

From a perspective of a person who doesn’t have schizophrenia:

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I am sad my bf and I might have to break up.

I have been pretty good gf with n to him but I feel I am not coping and he and my neigh are all I have here.
I moved her all the way here.

I feel frail and afraid etc and want to live with it close to my family n get more support.

I want to be with him but this state is so hot and scary and has fires etc

I am worried if he would physically abuse me if he got furious.

He says things disrespectfuly to me sometimes .

I have lost a lot of independence and can not travel by myself to most places.

I feel I may need care n support.

The same family I was paranoid about and avoiding are the same family I know want to live with of close too…

If my bf moved with me but he has everything here…

I love him but I do not feel tough despite the woman that raised me being strong tough great woman.

I’m more of a pu### for some reason.

I want to stay with him but I m not coping and want to be near family.

All my relationships have had badness like paranoia even about my neigh…


Yes, relationships are possible and it can have a positive effect. Yes it is harder if you suffer from psychoses. But everything is more difficult with psychoses. working, relationships and learning. no matter man.


I wish i had a relationship ffs


There are people who are sicker in their head than we are together. And they have a relationship. So it must be possible. gambling baby


My husband and I have our ups and downs…we just had our worst down, recently. However, we are both working on communication because we love each other. We admit our flaws and are going to help each other. Marriage is teamwork and having a me tal illness sometimes requires the other to have to carry a heavier part of the load cuz they have to be the “rock” “or shoulder to lean on”. So, never settle because you need that someone who won’t bail if you have a meltdown. They may get pissed off at younat times or frustrated, but ya gotta let that go. I realize how hard it is on him sometimes cuz he sometimes has to walk on egg shells too much, and just kaboom, gets pissed. So, we’re trying to speak in simple sentences and no more passive aggressive behavior. Happy hunting!

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I tried at two romantic relationships after being diagnosed and had a fair shot. I believe where I failed was in being willing to sacrifice something – or rather, everything – to make them work out. The first one was very practical and materialistic; said possessions should all be shared. “Let us be lovers / We’ll marry our fortunes together,” as in the old song by Paul Simon. I failed in that I refused to compromise, to share. She was very kind, overall, but I was cold. The second lover had a situation on her hands, too, and again I was selfish. So we tried to be friends by internet. We made that work for six years till finally my drinking problem destroyed what we had… That’s my story. Live and learn. “Until you get there yourself / You’ll never really know” (Joni Mitchell, “Amelia”).


I’m feeling “octavarium” since adjusting to med change


that’s because we have problems with empathy. D:


I have my relationship, and it’s working out alright, but my boyfriend and I both have our psychiatric issues, so we help take care of each other. It’s very mutually beneficial.


I think this form has a site for family of schizophrenia . Com and it has a relationship blog

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