Schizophrenia,and Living Life

I am a 29 year male with schizophrenia. No parents or no support group backing behind me. I have to pay bills and try to maintain my day to day. I dont think my willpower is that strong or my drive isnt all the way there. Sometimes i really dont like living life but unfortunately I have to. Can somebody give me advice or what to do in my situation. I wish this does not prolong into my older life. I dont go out alot any more and i dont really talk to nobody on the phone. Is my next move death… can somebody relate or help me?


I was felt like you but didn’t surrender and today i’m feeling great
always remember that this too shall pass
you can find a solution if you want to and only you can help yourself
I wish you to come back to life


Hi @johnny901,
Most people with schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder struggle with drive. It’s one of the most common negative symptoms of the disease, and it’s one of the most staggering. You definitely aren’t alone. I’d recommend you see a psychiatrist first and foremost (if you aren’t already), then a therapist. The right therapist may be able to help you make and reach goals.

Don’t lose hope. We’ve had discussions about it on the board, and while it may take time- honestly, years even- sz/sza seems to ease up as you age. The people on the boards who have talked about it have said they are glad they never gave up.


yeh its kind of tough though dealing with everything all by myself. To tell you the truth i kind of dont like being alone, if i had a girlfriend or a wife to correspond with what i am going through that could probaly make things a little easier but i hope i dont that dont make things worse. I havent lost hope its just kind of scary


Well, you have this forum, and there are a lot of people that understand on here. I know it’s not the same as someone physical, but at least you aren’t alone.

I have a husband, but it’s not the same as someone who experiences the disease firsthand. He sympathizes, but he can’t empathize.


right i thank for that

It can be overwhelming as it really is a serious concern. Saying that. You can live a realized life with schizoprhenia. It’s hard for sure…but many do all right and carve out a decent existence. Getting the meds right is a big thing. I have schizophrenia but I also have serious depression. The depression feeds the negatives and it’s easy to fall into holes and not come out.

Look after yourself. Take the meds and look for best function. You ever thought of joining a group? There’s support groups. There’s sports groups…there’s places you can meet people and find friends. Might help alleviate that loneliness a bit!


Thanks for the advice im not really sure what i have going on i just feel like people arent real and like extreme anixity and i just feel alone only thing that helps is when i keep mind busy and sometimes it works and sometimes not im not sure what is wrong started 2 years ago out of the blue and I been doing ok then im in an episode now its been though have you experienced this and how do i start nee thred im new at this thanks

Loss of function in the key! If it’s stopping you living life then you need to see a doctor.

If it’s serious enough and there’s problems then you need to get a referral to a psychiatrist.

If you have mental illness in the family it can also be a danger sign.
Go explain this to a doctor it’s important! @Mandy39

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Hang in there Mandy - that sounds like depersonalisation/derealisation to me. You’re not going mad - don’t worry. There plenty of online support groups for ‘dissociation’, and of course you are always welcome here. Also a good idea to see a pdoc too.


hi johnny I relate to what you said… I’ll probably be in a similar situation soon, death isn’t the next move you have many decades to live… try to find some hobbies and activities to do to have fun and fulfill yourself…


Follow your heart and do something, you really enjoy

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