I am losing hope

No work , no relationships , no money .
And I am nearing my 30s

How do you old guys cope with this illness while being in this situation


Don’t lose hope. Keep fighting to live. Surviving should be your number one priority.

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I am 38. No job, no relationship. Live at home with mother. It feels like it’s only getting worse. 9 years on disability, 10 years schizophrenia diagnoses. I just wish I could stop drinking beer. I don’t drink everyday but I just wish I was fully free of alcohol and put more time and energy into getting a job so I can move out.


When I was put in jail for the night four years ago I thought maybe while I’m in prison I’ll learn Spanish and that gave me hope. It turns out it was not a big deal and I went home on my own recconecence. Later my case was dismissed.

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I spent 17 years without a job, without a relationship, without friends, on disability with little money and I was very unhealthy due to side effects of my old medication (life threatening).

I switched meds and I feel better. I got a job so I have more money. But I still live with all the rest. No friends, no girlfriend. I’m 43 and live with my parents.

Sometimes I get frustrated but really I don’t care anymore. I just live my life. Friends drifted away after my diagnoses and women want nothing to do with me once I tell them I have schizophrenia. The stigma is awful. I’ve pretty much accepted I’m going to live the rest of my life without much of a social life. The only thing I can say is you get used to it. Try to focus on the things you like, and not to think to much about the things that frustrate you.


Could you perhaps volunteer somewhere or do some other hobby? I know how it feels to be hopeless. But I find that staying busy helps.


I agree with @att159. Volunteering can help you get out and feel good about yourself. Have you considered going to your local Clubhouse? You could make friends there.

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Where do you live? You gotta find supportive housing with people who have similar issues

I was in the same situation when I was your age. I was pretty desperate. But I’ve learned to like my solitary life.

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I didn’t get diagnosed till I was 29. Lots of wasted time till then.

Got medicated and my 30’s were incredible. Met a girl. Got married. Lived overseas for a couple of years…ended up falling apart but it I honestly didn’t start living till I got on the meds…

Get on the lowest dose you can to deal with symptoms whilst avoiding most side effects. It takes some work but it’s doable.

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Hopes are practical steps you take towards something you want.

Generally people dream… as a thought process of what you wish. Hope let’s you grasp it… with stratify steps.

Losing your feeling of hope, might mean you’ve gotten lost in the midst of proximal obstacles.

Perhaps re-examine what you are doing? And see if it is aligned of what you wish for?

i hear you. i have no boyfriend, lost my job cause i got into too many arguments, all i basically have are my parents. its a lonely condition

apply for disability to help you with the money part

please don’t give up and adjust your feeling and mood.