I'm tired of being schizophrenic

Anyone got a cure ??


yes: Take your meds, attend therapy, work on self-improvement without losing touch with yourself, and realise that even though you might never be cured or recover fully, there’s lots of room for improvement if nothing else.


No, I do not have a solution for that problem. You will have to learn to live with it, even if it is difficult.
The recovery goes to a certain height and then it stops.


I think you need to try to fight off that feeling.
I would eagerly welcome a cure, as well.
But I doubt that a cure is forthcoming.


Sounds like fun lol

I know it’s probably not the answer you wanted, but if you sit around and wait for a cure, you’ll stop trying to learn to live with it, you’ll stop improving and practicing self-control because “It’s all going to get fixed soon anyways”.

The best way to get better is to, well, try and get better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m working on it. Progress is slow.


Im absolutely pissing tired of being Schizophrenic as well. All my mates have fcked off - my family treats me like a child and the only so called mates are alcoholics down the local boozer. I cant stand the absolute boredom and monotony of this crappy life and i sincerely hope i snuff it within 5 years cos i have not got the balls to do it myself. Im slowly drinking myself to death with cheap white cider and smoking 40 a day. I get absolutely enraged at the mental health services i deal with - and im feeling frustrated and generally pissed off. Screw this life. I wanted something better!!! /RANT OVER X

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I have what people insist to call schizophrenia and I’m okay with that. It seems that if you don’t procrastinate you’ll find a cure. But it’s not 100% true. Maybe you have to do physical exercises in order to produce more neurotransmitters that you’ll give you joy. Or maybe you have to lose weight. Or maybe you have to meditate. Those things are important of course. But they won’t bring you acceptance. The present moment doesn’t depend on these things. What are killing you are your thoughts.

Common thoughts that I had when I was suffering a lot with this disease:

  • “Trying anything isn’t worthy because I can’t see the results.” - I had this thought because I wanted short-term results. I still need to learn how to be patient in order to see the results in the long-term. I also need to assess myself to see if what I’m doing is giving me the results that I want (maybe I need to change my strategy).

  • “I have schizophrenia and I’m doomed to live a weak life.” - I remember once my pdoc asking me: “Is it not good for you to just live a normal life?” No. I don’t want a normal life. I want an exceptional life. I want people talking about my deeds when they`re at my funeral. I can’t understand why so many people with schizophrenia want a normal life. Normal life is boring and weak. The world deserves more from you. Go get an exceptional life. We have too much potential even while having to take shitty medicines.

  • “I’m a freak.” - Why did I have this thought (I still have this thought sometimes)? Because I was too worried of what people think about me. I used to think that my smile was odd, the way that I walked was odd, my feelings were odd, my gaze was odd, everything about me was odd. It’s a matter of loving yourself. Embrace who you are.

  • “One day I will find a medicine that will solve my problems.” - If you think this way, you’ll keep waiting for the rest of your life. No medicine can cure you. You’re living in the future. Doctor and scientists won’t find you a cure just because you’re suffering. You’ll have to figure out how to cure yourself. People won’t do it for you. As a matter of fact, most of people don’t give a ■■■■ about your mental suffering. You need to accept reality and stop waiting for a cure or medicine in the future.


I actually am high functioning!

I dont and wouldnt expect a cure, I just dream of how nice it would be !!

Anyways nice post of yours


Yeah me too. But I gave up booze and cigarettes (I vape).

Me too ! But I still engage with them.

Don’t let the disease win.

Maybe you would benefit from treatment or adjustments to your mood. A lot of it is perspective. Maybe you just need to make yourself feel better. Treat yo self, develop a more balanced and wholesome lifestyle, make a friend, visit the zoo. I feel you have a big problem with anhedonia or depression or something along those lines and might benefit from doing things that make you happy, or make you feel more strongly. My emotions are often better after a cup of tea, btw.

■■■■ happens we got schizophrenia


Yeah i know. Im just having a bad day. The tosser of a new Psychiatrist was only focused on my drinking (when ive cut id down considerably) and when i asked for my Xeplion to be increased just laughed. Its the fcking paranoia i cant stand, i dont get no more voices. But i almost think i was happier when i was delusional. Im forever thinking ive pissed someone off. And the Social worker hasnt seemed to be returning my calls lately. Think i might hibernate for a few days and ignore the world - cos its doing my head in.


Nice Post. I took a bit of advice from that. Cheers Rog x

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