Schizophrenia and Coffee

I drink coffee often and I had a question for those who also drink coffee. Does schizophrenia effect the feelings you get from drinking coffee? I ask because before I was diagnosed and before I started acting strange I would drink coffee and I would get a lot of energy and I would get jittery and high like I was on a real drug but after I was diagnosed and started acting strange coffee no longer effected me. I still drink it because I like the taste but I do not get the same high I used to, even if I drink a lot of coffee. Does schizophrenia or perhaps does the medicine I take for it, Zyprexa have an effect that counteracts the high I used to get from drinking coffee? I am sure there are a lot of members of this forum with schizophrenia who drink coffee and maybe some who also take Zyprexa. For those of you do you no longer get a high from drinking coffee after being diagnosed or starting taking Zyprexa?

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My experience was like yours. Before I was diagnosed it would feel like I was taking some kind of drug that made me high.

Then when I was put on abilify that went away.

I’ve recently started drinking strong espresso and I’m being affected my it again though nowhere like I was.

But caffeine interacts with zyprexa. So be careful.

On the other hand, the metabolism of clozapine (Clozaril) and olanzapine (Zyprexa) is mainly dependent on CYP1A2 and UGTs, and hence their levels are affected by smoking and caffeine

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I also do not get energy from drinking coffee. I don’t remember drinking coffee on zyprexa, but I did take it for over a year. It might be the medicine, I’m not really sure. When I was younger I would drink coffee, but I can’t really remember how much energy it would give me. I took a break from it for a couple years but now I drink it everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, and it seems to have no energy effect on me. I just enjoy the taste, as you said.

I try to stay away from coffee because I’m withdrawing from benzos and it revs up the symptoms.

In the past too much coffee would make me anxious and jittery but in the last couple of weeks coffee doesn’t affect me in a negative way.

I can drink 3 cups and I feel nothing.

Coffee triggers my voices. Can’t drink it anymore.

caffeine does nothing to me that i can tell. like it just doesnt phase me

I’m not on the same medication as you are, but I can confirm that (at least in my personal opinion) too much coffee isn’t good.

I have a love hate relationship with coffee. It can help me become motivated and productive.

But I have also triggered a few manic episodes from drinking too much coffee. Day 1 is great, don’t get me wrong. I clean lots, write every imaginable list, have amazing amounts of energy. But no sleep day 2 I start getting more and more paranoid, and day 3 no sleep I go totally psychotic.

So you really gotta have a healthy balance. I would also recommend not drinking coffee after a certain time in the evening if you find it keeps you awake at night.

Duh. Coffee is a stimulant, therefore it increases dopamine and makes your mind hyper active. Antipsychotics block dopamine therefore it will not have the same effect on you…

I’m the same way. I never put it together but now that I think about it, losing the caffeine high and schizophrenia are related. I used to get all energized after coffee before but now I don’t. I also noticed that I don’t get a cold or flu like I used to.

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