Schizophrenia: a misunderstood "illness"

I often doubt that I have an illness at all, that schizophrenia is an awareness of the ungated mind. That it is a psychic illness that psychiatrists misunderstand. That it is a Gift and should not be treated as an illness. I question the psychiatrist’s right to diagnose me with a label that basically says I’m mad. I refute that. I think psychiatry simply does not understand the human mind enough. And I believe psychiatry doesn’t want to understand it. I don’t believe that 1 in a 100 are schizo or crazy but that we are gifted with a mind that understands more and sees more than the “normal” mind. I don’t believe I’m crazy at all but I was diagnosed at 20 and the doctors ain’t gonna change that diagnosis now. They believe what they want to believe and lack any form of real understanding of the condition. A shaman wouldn’t call us mad because they understand the psychic but psychiatry doesn’t even believe in it. It’s a medical condition only because it is not understood and what’s more, psychiatry does not want to understand us. It’s a lot easier to say we are mad and give us mind-numbing medicine than to try and understand why we feel and think the way we do. A shaman understands but psychiatry does not, cannot and will not. It’s a backward form of therapy that serves nobody at the end of the day. It’s inability to understand me and 1% of the world, basically says to me, the “normal” people know much less than we do!! And the doctors are part of an archaic system that dismisses a beautiful mind as a mad mind. I am angry with psychiatry. It throws us pills to make us conform with western society when our human mind floats above what a doctor deems to be “normal”. Psychiatry sucks and is failing so many of us who live in the western world on a daily basis simply by its failure and inability to understand us. Psychiatry by it’s very nature cannot understand us. We are “different” alright but I do not believe we are mad. I think we are more evolved and understand more than any of the “normal” people on the planet. I think it’s a Fear of our Gift that they call us mad in the first place…


i agree… the way you worded it is brillant and to the point


I also believe that the incarceration of god knows how many “schizophrenics” in a “hospital” is vile and ultimately unjust. Nobody should be incarcerated for simply being Different. Psychiatry Sucks Big Time!

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The Psychiatric System is a Failure.

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delete but i’ll say medication and therapy is your friend.

meds make billions of money each year, i ask myself what is the alternative to drugs/meds from stoping bad feelings doe idk

1 in a 100 people. How many millions of people is that that modern society decides to call “crazy”? It’s all too convenient for them to say that. I’m not in denial. I have a special, beautiful mind but what right has anyone to say I am crazy. They are reducing my value as a human being. This is the 21st century. This is the ignorance of the psychiatric system throughout the world treating a minority of people as lesser beings. THIS SYSTEM IS A FAILURE. Psychiatry is a f**king JOKE!!

Psychiatry has failed you, you say. Well it has failed me aswell. Its all about money, as i am pointing out in a thread i just started people are killing themselves because of it, 15% of people diagnosed a year, its sad what they drive us to.

Yes, they are driving us to suicide because they are first telling us we are mad and then they say we need to take tablets so we can conform to be like everyone else. Yes, we are different but it is society who tells us there is something wrong with us. They are the ones killing us by this societal conditioning. We are Beautiful. ■■■■ off, Doctors X,Y & Z!!

You’re reducing the value of the majority, by your own grandeur. It may be mis-understood, but awareness is the first step. You can’t blame society for our problems and judge them, then get upset if you feel that society judges you. It’s a collaborative effort to slow the stigma on all sides.


have to say were treated better now than in the past by psychatry

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Grandeur or no grandeur. I firmly believe Psychiatry is a failure. The whole system is a failure. Hospital is a failure. Nobody deserves to be incarcerated and forced to take medicine because they think differently. This is wrong and only happens in the western “modern” world. It is not modern, it is archaic.

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You’ve read too much Terence McKenna my man. I used to think the same way lol then I flattened my ego enough to accept that I must function within a society. I don’t have a special enough mind to write a long great book complaining what’s wrong with the world and I’m better off just blending in by taking my medication. It’s ok though.

If you can write a great book like McKenna did then I will root for you, but I know I can’t.

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Society forces us to blend in. Why should we? Society is a set of rules made by man and enforced on man by man. Man doesn’t know it all and the failure of psychiatry to understand “madness” proves this.

The system is a set of rules enforced upon us.


mr. mc murphy i bet a dime

This is the schizophrenic thing to think. We don’t function naturally. We DO see things that other people don’t. And it makes it difficult to accept some things. But we also have a certain debility to us. We have a disability. Yes it is all relative but when you find a passion, things that make you happy, you learn to accept the things that you cannot change. Instead of complaining about it on What do you want me to do, I’m not Jesus, even though I thought I was in the past. hehehe.

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I just think the problem lies not only in the stigma brought upon us but also the ignorance. We believe what They tell us. We are oppressed by the system or are ye so oppressed by now that ye cannot see that? What if it’s not always a disability but society’s way of keeping us down and making us Believe we are dis-abled. It makes me so angry that we can’t see the wood from the trees. The system is what stigmatises us. The whole approach i.e. Psychiatry is fundamentally flawed!!

I don’t wanna take my medication because my LSD won’t work as well if I’m on anti-psychotics. LOL sorry I couldn’t resist. But I actually used to think that way.

But in all seriousness, it’s not a joking matter. When you’re schizoaffective you want to take drugs to feel good. But the best drug for that is a good anti-psychotic at a therapeutic dose.

I took the pills and they worked. Crazy or not - I don’t care.