An Open Letter to the People of the Web About Schizophrenia


Interesting letter. And interesting things that come up when you google “schizophrenics should” or “schizophrenics are.” The most misunderstood mental illness.

I really liked this. Thank you for posting this.

Very interesting. People afflicted with schizophrenia do not have 2 heads or come from outer space.
We look like any other human being - we are part of this society, we are regular people who happen to have an irregular brain disorder.
Many people have this false notion that we are a different species! The truth is that we are capable of doing what others are doing, we just face more obstacles, and some of us have certain limitations because of our disorder.
Stereotypical thinking is common when it comes to schizophrenia. I have a feeling that the walls of prejudice and stigma will one day be broken down - hopefully sooner than later


Thanks for sharing, it was really interesting!

This was great. I’m considering posting this on Facebook, but I haven’t outed myself there and I have former employers as friends. I also have family that I wanted to at least tell them on Skype.

Stated at the site are…"Clearly, your attitudes towards Schizophrenics are wrongfully skewed. " "We are human beings, just like you."

How rude. People were still labeled as “Schizophrenics”.
How rude. Some people separated themselves, via the trickery of others, as a “We”.

They seemed to have missed the whole point.
Both sides got it wrong.

Amen to that. “We need to educate people about severe mental illness and change attitude…”

This is what my blog is for. I’m not an expert on the disorder, it’s just a day in the life of a Schizophrenic trying to remind people that we are just like everyone else but have a chemical imbalance that makes us hear/see things we can not control. With treatment and medication we can control how we react to these thoughts but we may not be able to ever clearly get rid of them.

@sohare1981 Do you mind if I ask the name of your blog? it’s free.