what is schizoid…do you know and what is schizotypal…are they the same thing…and why do they have schizo at the start of the word when its not schizophrenia

I think these fall under the lower end of the spectrum

Someone else correct me if I am wrong


It’s a spectrum I think

Schizoid …> schizotypal …> schizophrenia.

The first two are personality types.


The World Health Organization’s ICD-10 uses the name schizotypal disorder (F21). It is classified as a clinical disorder associated with schizophrenia, rather than a personality disorder as in DSM-5.[20]


I stand corrected. Thanks @firemonkey

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At the end of the day it’s just a different classification for what’s basically the same thing .


There was talk of Avoidant PD being a sz spectrum personality disorder . Not heard much about that since then .

I acutally just watched this video yesterday. Both are personality disorders.

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Good link @John_Raven

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I’m schizotypal, we are pretty much the same as schizophrenics, but its rare to have hallucinations for a longer period when you are schizotypal.

Some consider schizotypal as a milder form of schizophrenia, but i met schizophrenics that cope better than schizotypals. They got all the negative symptoms as well, often depressed.

Schizoids are more of a withdrawn character, they often live alone and they are not bothered about being a “loner”.
Schizotypals wants to have company, but rarely succeed.

I have had a few schizoids friends, very nice people, but not interested in friendship.

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I used to think I was schizoid, when I was isolating. I still might be – I have absolutely zero desire to form relationships with people. But I don’t know if schizoid and schizophrenia can be comorbid.

Edit: Schizoids are in touch with reality, and don’t feel paranoid or have hallucinations.


Schizoids and schizotypes are “healthy” carriers of the genotype. They are found in relatives of schizophrenics. My father has schizoid character traits.

I just read WIKI about schizotypals and since im schizotypal, im certain about this, at least:

“Those with STPD may react oddly in conversations, not respond or talk to themselves.[1] They frequently interpret situations as being strange or having unusual meaning for them”

I just went to a shop, and had the most awkward conversation with the woman behind the desk. And i talk to myself even when silent.

schizoid vs schizotypical

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