Schizoaffective mania?

Hey guys I’m wondering how your mania plays out with schizoaffective. Do you still get negative symptoms??

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What are the negative symptoms you are talking about? I get mania, but I do not have a schizoaffective diagnosis. I take depakote though for mania.

Negative schizophrenia symptoms I meant

I have never been manic or hypomanic, but I think negatives fall to the background during mania. Not sure though.

Sorry I don’t know too much about negative symptoms. I wouldn’t be able to tell you.

Yeah the negative symptoms never go away. I had bipolar 2 then it changed to schizoaffective and I got negative symptoms. As far as mania goes I notice the depressive moods but not many manic ones.

I have sza. I get only hypomania not full mania but it lasts only a few hours at a time before the crash comes

My depression lasts for weeks or months though and my negative symptoms are similar to depression so can’t always tell the difference

Some people get mania that makes them clean and things like that. I wish I was like that.
My negative symptoms don’t go away during mania. I do things like spend money a lot. I used to have intimacy with random men. I am also very social.

I wish I had more hypomania episodes rather than depression. But it’s exhausting dancing for three hours! And I scare my husband when I’m hyper! :laughing:

My moods are out of order than most it seems… been tracking it and noticed I’m depressed for like 2 weeks but it’s more like mixed depressed then I go hypomania for a few days, the calm for a few days repeat. Ugh it’s exhausting!

Most of the negative symptoms seem to stay though. I don’t get too interested in socializing but at work I talk a lot more, but I don’t care about making friends or anything of that sort.

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