Do all schizoaffectives get depressed?

I never get depressed yet I have a diagnosis of schizoaffective, don’t understand how lol

Not all sza people get depressed. If you are sza bipolar type,you can have bipolar with just mania, but can fall into depression anytime, even if you never have

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how often does one get mania? I was only manic once, 11 years ago

I think there are 2 types of schizoaffective, one being depressed the other bipolar. I have bipolar type and I was hypomanic all of last year, however this year I’ve been depressed for months on end.

My guess is that you can have combinations, just mania, hypomania, both mania and depression or just depression.

My manic episode have always been followed by depressive episodes. For me my moods are like a pendulum, they swing from pole to pole. Sometimes it’s extreme. Sometimes it’s quick but mild.