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Functional, or alternative medicine for schizophrenia is not the way to go in my opinion. I take Geodon and do very well on it, I think most psychiatrists agree that antipsychotics are the way to go today. Cannabidiol may be as effective but it is not FDA approved and is illegal in the vast majority of my country. There are some European studies showing it to be as efficacious as atypical antipsychotics so I do hope it gets a trial and approval here in the USA. I would love a better, more natural medication, but for now I rely on Geodon to not hallucinate, be completely delusional and scream at the floor.

antipsychotics don’t work on me, but mestinon does, mestinon keeps your acetycholine around in your neural synapse longer, so that messaging can occur.

I’m arguing that antipsychotics are a bandaid, to readjust dopaine and glumamine, perhaps other neurotransmiters, because the acetycholine is out of whack, because your immune system has knocked out the acetycholine chemical reaction.

you’d be a good person to test this theory @mortimermouse because you are an exercise nut like me. plus you’re smart, so am I.

I proved to myself and my doctors that the exercise triggers a psychosis in me. how?

as you exercise, acetycholine is produced to ‘move your muscles’. the more you move your muscles the more is sent between the neurons to send messages. the more I move, the more pissed off my immune system now becomes, it thinks this acetycholine is ‘bad’ and attacks.

in a week, my eye droops. after a summer of biking, and once it gets hot, I’m crazy has hell psychotic.

so, I challenge you to write down your workouts on a calendar, record how much you lifted say, and how long you did exercise. write down the weather, the temperature. write down if your dog died (if that’s emotionally upsetting to you, just an example for illustration). figure out what’s really triggering you.

this is what I did, I got out of the psych hospital. I sat here alone, no music no tv. i added in the news, i added in some music, I ate a regimented diet, including kale and spinach, I try to eat the same things each week to keep that the same.

the, I added in biking, short ride, recorded any symptoms. went to the neurologist, had more testing. did some more biking, etc etc. it took 125 miles for my eye to droop.

if I keep going, say another month of biking, I’ll be psychotic, I have 2 years of mapmyride bike records and hospital records, weather reports, etc. it’s my immune system that’s the problem.

i recently had bloodwork done, I dont have an autoimmune disease. I think that your autoimmune disease is unique to you and does not apply to most schizophrenics, I think that is pretty fair to say.

If exercise triggers you, dont do it. If you have an autoimmune disease, you should go to a doctor for it.

I have a team of doctors who conclude that stress is my trigger. The more I workout, the less anxiety and depression I feel, as well as a slight decrease in symptoms. Working out contributes positively to my mental health, I keep track of my workouts and a week without makes me experience some increased anxiety, a depressed mood, some symptoms and I end up moping for large parts of the day.

I think you are assuming that we all have autoimmune diseases like you. Not to be rude, but most of us have been thoroughly checked out by multiple doctors and have standing diagnoses of schizophrenia, schizoaffective or psychosis NOS.

i don’t want to be rude either, but there are not tests available yet for these antibodoes for Sz. it is still in the research stage.

so, I’m encouraging everyone here to think about what I said, the antibody tests are still under research and not yet available.

there are 3 antibody tests for myasthenia gravis, all 3 of these tests came back negative for me, and that is true for like 10% of the MG population, which is just 1 in 10,000 people.
If more Sz joined in, perhaps we could actually find a solution or cure, rather than have the pdoc just guess. I don’t want somebody guessing, and no, they don’t help me at all.

If you want to be well, I do believe you are in charge of that, not the doctor.

stress is a huge trigger for the immune system.