Schizo chimpazee

There are schizophrenic chimpanzees?

Do you live in Portugal? I’m around Lisbon

No. Schizophrenia is likely uniquely human and a result of relatively recent evolutionary changes.

Animals used as models for schizophrenia include rats, mice, and primates.

They don’t have schizophrenia. They have been bred and altered to approximate symptoms and disease processes seen in schizophrenia.

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I totally don’t understand how only humans can get it. I’m not disagreeing, it’s just we share 99.9 percent of DNA with chimps and it’s a biological brain defect, I find it very surprising that it only affects humans.

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IDK. And Cheetah rolls over in his grave and says "Tarzan, I’ll handle this: “Nope. Next question?”

Maybe there are scz chimpanzee. How can we know we’re not in their minds

There are several hypotheses. An interesting one that I’ve posted about before is that it’s a result of evolutionary pressures on the brain associated with the large increases in areas associated with language in recent human evolutionary history. This is related to the fact that people with congenital cortical blindness appear to be immune to schizophrenia. In people with early cortical blindness, areas normally used for vision are co-opted by language areas, and some argue this is the reason they don’t develop schizophrenia.


The diagnostic criteria do not translate well to observations of animal behavior, but animals don’t appear to develop psychotic symptoms similar to schizophrenia. It’s not a fact that animals don’t get sz, just a reasonable assumption.

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Yes. Where are you from?

I’m originally from the US but moved to Portugal about 3 years ago


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