Sz not observed in animals,outside%20of%20our%20own%20species.

Science suggests that numerous non-human species suffer from psychiatric symptoms. But there’s at least one mental malady that, while common in humans, seems to have spared all other animals: schizophrenia. Though psychotic animals may exist, psychosis has never been observed outside of our own species


I remember I was searching concrete information about what species are affected by SZ.

And yup it still seems that it’s uniquely human illness.

Kinda… shocking. As I read humans uniquely have it bc of “big brain” or in other words, higher intelligence


i know that sz is disease that affect hormone balance in brain if so same problem might occur at other animals as well

overall, no one is sure, because animals can’t talk.

Also, we cannot look very carefully to the brain and what’s happens in it…

so it’s very questionable whether animals can have it or nah

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We’re just aliens and and the psychs don’t understand lol

My husband had a cat who behaved very strangely before I met him. The vet said it was schizophrenia and recommended he put the cat down. So sad.


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